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Compliance Recording

Maximize Microsoft Teams interactions with our
cutting-edge recording service, effortlessly capturing 
and managing conversations.

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is it?

What is it?

Geomant’s Microsoft Teams Recording solution is designed to help businesses realize their Microsoft intelligent communications vision. Ensure compliance, mitigate risks, and enhance the quality of your communication processes. 

  • Powered by Verint technology

    Provides an integrated compliance solution for internal and external communication methods. Record, archive, retrieve, search, and monitor communication seamlessly across Microsoft Teams. Capture everything from meetings and voice to video conferencing, screen sharing, and chat conversations.
  • Effortless Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem
    Leverage seamless integration with Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and other Microsoft platforms. Enables a centralized solution for recording and monitoring, ensuring efficiency and peace of mind, whether you have a single-site or a global deployment.
  • Transformative Compliance Solution
    Secure compliance capture to meet strict record-keeping, communications monitoring, and reporting requirements, making it also ideal for quality management.

vs. Solution

Problem vs. Solution

Here are some common concerns and issues with capturing and managing compliance and how our solution can deliver the solution.

Need to ensure regulatory compliance.

Improve compliance oversight with real-time dashboards and reporting while benefiting form a single-pane-of-glass view of the infrastructure.

Need to reduce the overall risk of utilizing Microsoft Teams.

Apply call categorization and cases for better organization. Also, monitor the state and quality of recorded data while receiving alerts for anomalies.

Afraid of the costly fines and penalties tied to being out of compliance.

Simplify and modernize compliance investigations for efficient processes to enable remedies before fines are involved.

Not sure how to ensure compliance with the large amount of data and transcriptions.

Leverage the solution features for the transcription, search, categorization, and analysis of interactions. Protect recorded data through access controls, encryptions, and secure workflows.

Need to reduce costs while increasing compliance efficiency.

Simplify processes through intelligent case management for reduced costs and increased confidence.

Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms

microfot teams

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