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Can You Record Calls for Compliance on Microsoft Teams?

Call recording isn’t just a valuable way to collect information about your customers and their purchasing journeys. Sometimes, this technology is essential for compliance purposes too. Recording calls ensures that you’re ready to comply with any regulatory requirements, respond to legal issues, and avoid potential penalties too.

Unfortunately, not all systems make it easy to record conversations. As Microsoft Teams continues to emerge as the world’s favorite tool for enterprise collaboration, many businesses are beginning to look for ways to connect their Teams UC with a contact center solution. However, Teams is limited in it’s calling and recording features.

In Microsoft Teams, you can record some meetings and playback conversations with automatic transcription, but there’s no built-in tool for recording for compliance. For policy-based recording, you need an integration with a third party solution.

Unlocking Policy-Based Recording for Microsoft Teams

To create compliant recordings, businesses need access to specific tools and services. Unfortunately, Microsoft Teams recording functionality is limited. The only way to make the most of your recording strategy is to use a third-party system.

Tools like Verint technology from Geomant give businesses the resources required to access transformative and integrated compliance solutions for both external and internal communication. You can conveniently record, archive, search, and retrieve conversations throughout Microsoft Teams.

Thanks to advanced integrations with Microsoft Teams, these third-party recording solutions allow businesses to capture everything from video and voice conferencing information, to screen sharing and chat data. The secure compliance capture service adheres to all of the strictest record-keeping, reporting, and communications monitoring requirements.

Only with an external solution like Geomant can companies implement a truly comprehensive and tamper-resistant system for centralized recording. There’s no need to restrict your data to call and voice information alone. Everything from IM details to screen captures exists in the same safe space.

Improving Compliance Quickly and Easily

No company in the modern landscape can afford to compromise on its approach to security and compliance. Today’s customers evaluate the steps that organizations take to ensure privacy and safety when determining who they should do business with. If you can’t promise compliance, then you can’t deliver the best quality of customer experience.

Accessing a full end-to-end recording system means that you can easily improve customer service and enhance agent performance. With real-time dashboards, business leaders get a single pane view of the entire infrastructure. You can apply call categorization details and monitor the health of your data too. What’s more, you get a protected way to store and manage recorded information.

Encryption solutions are included with your recording service as standard, along with a host of tools to enhance your recording experience, like transcription, easy search functionality, and analysis. Whether you’re in a regulated industry or simply need a better way to track the end-to-end journeys that happen in your organization, a full Microsoft Teams recording system can transform your business.

Get the Recording Solution That Suits You

Third-party recording solutions for Microsoft Teams offer a quick and easy way for companies of all sizes to reduce risk and improve regulatory compliance.      The right service will give you everything you need to reduce costs, boost business efficiency, and avoid reputational damage.

What’s more, with some market leaders, like Geomant, companies can tap into extra support for their recording systems. Managed service options and a range of SaaS packages mean that business leaders can choose the solution that’s most likely to enrich their business operations. Get the most out of your video calling, voice calls, screen sharing and instant messaging on Microsoft Teams today.



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