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AI for Customer Service
Free Discovery Session

Free discovery session to explore opportunities for deploying Artificial Intelligence technology into your customer service strategy

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What We Offer

Geomant is offering its clients and potential clients a free discovery session to explore opportunities for deploying Artificial Intelligence technology into their customer service strategy.

The discovery sessions will be tailored to each organisation’s specific requirements and stage in their adoption of AI.

The sessions themselves will be approx. 60 minutes, and usually conducted online, using Microsoft Teams. They will be interactive sessions, aimed at providing knowledge, exploring opportunities and making recommendations.

These sessions are specifically focused on AI’s role in customer service – and are aimed at organisations wishing to enhance customer service through the adoption of AI. We generally encourage clients to include representatives from multiple disciplines – e.g. customer experience (CX), contact centre, IT etc.

Pre-Session preparation

Geomant’s consultants will provide a short questionnaire that should be completed prior to the online meeting. The aim is to understand the organisation’s objectives, their current customer service strategy and technology. This will be supplemented by desk-based research by Geomant.

Discovery Session

This 60-minute online meeting will consist of:

  • An overview of what Artificial Intelligence is, and its different variants (including machine learning and large language models (LLM). Plus an overview of the AI landscape and main players (including Microsoft, ChatGPT and IBM Watson).
  • A focus on AI’s use in the customer service space. Including self-service, channel shift, agent onboarding, agent assist and multi-lingual translation. An exploration of how AI tools and technologies can be integrated into customer service strategy and technology. Plus some insights into where quick wins can be achieved and some of the pitfalls to be avoided.
  • An interactive 2-way discussion as to how AI might benefit the specific client’s business, taking account of sector and organisational drivers and opportunities.

AI Opportunities Report

Following the discovery session, Geomant will create a personalised report summarising the discussions, and focusing on how AI might be utilised within the client’s organisation.


Geomant is currently offering this Free AI Discovery Session on a first-come-first-served basis to organizations with an appetite to improve customer service through the introduction of AI technology. Organisations must be willing to complete the pre-session questionnaire (which can be provided under NDA if required). They must also commit the time to attend a workshop for approx. 60 minutes. To apply, simply register your interest via our website.



Choose the deployment method that best suits your organisation:

  • Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • On-Premises

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