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Geomant Digital

Elevate your customer engagement with a suite of cutting-edge features designed to optimize self-service.

Improve all aspects of the customer experience with next generation solutions.

is it?

What is it?
  • Multichannel Integration: Geomant Digital integrates chat, chatbots, video calls, and instant messaging for a comprehensive customer experience.
  • Seamless Interactions: Chatbots facilitate smooth interactions, ensuring a presence where customers are most active in digital channels.
  • Instant Messaging Connections: Utilize instant messaging to foster connections across all generations.
  • Efficient Virtual Queuing: Enhance efficiency with virtual queuing, saving valuable time for customers and staff.
  • Integrated Appointments and Video Calls: Seamlessly integrate appointment settings and video calls for a streamlined customer experience.
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis: Actively understand and respond to customer needs through sentiment analysis.
  • Reputation Management: Brand monitoring safeguards your reputation by enabling real-time feedback analysis for swift responses, maintaining a positive online presence.

vs. Solution

Problem vs. Solution

Here are some common challenges in the contact center and how Geomant Digital can deliver the solution.

IVR doesn’t work across all the channels our business needs to be on.

Switch seamlessly from IVRs to digital channels by introducing chatbots, that include Transactional Bots, FAQ Bots, Conversational Bots, and Predictive Bots.

Need to quickly ad new IM platforms without changing existing voice environment.

Connect with customers across various platforms seamlessly, including popular IM services like WhatsApp, Viber, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook DM, RCS, SMS, Web-chat, and custom channels.

Need to thoroughly gauge public opinion and emotional tone in large volumes of textual data.

Effectively and efficiently automate and evaluate online communications including customer reviews, social media posts, and surveys to quickly understand how their audience perceives their products, services, or brand.

Need agents to be able to monitor and react to company comments in the digital space.

Incorporate engaging content and positive messages as part of the dashboard and wallboard views. Content can include employee achievements, career advancement opportunities, contests, games, and holiday activities. The positive reinforcement results in a better customer experience.

Need to reduce the time customers are waiting to speak to a live agent.

Empower customers to convert idle queue time into productive scheduling or callbacks, guiding them to the appropriate service channel for swift and effective outcomes.




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