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AI for Customer Service
Geomant AI Portfolio

Learn how Geomant can help enhancing contact center with industry leading AI based solutions

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AI-Ready. Seamlessly integrated

Geomant offers a suite of AI-driven solutions tailored to meet modern businesses’ diverse needs. Whether you’re looking to automate customer interactions, improve agent productivity, or break down language barriers, our AI portfolio provides robust tools that integrate effortlessly with your current systems.

AI Studio

AI Studio is our flagship platform, revolutionizing how businesses build and deploy AI applications. With a user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities, AI Studio allows organizations to create customized AI workflows and agents without extensive coding. From customer service automation to predictive analytics, AI Studio streamlines operations and enhances decision-making processes.

Mtech AI Studio also has an AI Assistant, an extension that can be integrated into any omnichannel solution and enhances the capabilities of customer service agents. It enables real-time translation, access to knowledge bases, and summarization of customer interactions, all within a simple, intuitive interface. AI Studio Assistant empowers agents to deliver personalized support efficiently, irrespective of language barriers.

LiveCoach is a virtual coaching solution that leverages AI to provide real-time guidance and support to customer service agents during interactions. By analyzing conversations and customer data, LiveCoach offers actionable insights that help agents improve performance, resolve issues effectively, and ensure consistent service quality.



SpeakEasy is an AI-driven, real-time voice translation service facilitating seamless language communication. With instant and accurate translations, SpeakEasy enables customer service teams to effortlessly engage with global customers. This solution enhances customer satisfaction by eliminating language barriers and delivering personalized support in the customer’s native language.

Eeebot is an AI-powered chatbot that enhances customer interactions through natural language processing and machine learning. Eeebot automates email responses to common inquiries, guides customers through self-service options, and escalates complex issues to human agents when necessary. This solution improves response times, reduces operational costs, and enhances customer satisfaction.


Buzzeasy Digital

Buzzeasy Digital is our cloud solution for delivering AI-powered digital interactions with customers. Simple to deploy, webchat, WhatsApp and social media interaction delivers powerful self-service customer interaction, with escalation to agent as required.
AI can significantly extend the scope of self-service whilst retaining an excellent customer experience. FAQs can be made accessible through automated answers to questions from customers, whilst conversational AI enhances the power of digital interactions, leaving only the most complex of queries requiring agent intervention. Buzzeasy Digital links seamlessly with leading AI platforms, and offers exciting features such as real-time translation and channel shift.

Contact Center Use Cases

E-Mail / Message Composition

Composition of text communication *messages, e-mails) using Cloud or On-Prem LLMs

Agent Copilot

Assistance to Agent providing “ChatGPT”-like Search, Composition and similar functionalities


Providing concise and meaningful summaries of all text and voice conversations that can be used in Scoring, QM, CRM, ERP or similar systems

Virtual Assistants – Text

Next Generation BOTs using most advanced Generative AI solutions.

Virtual Assistants – Voice

Next Generation BOTs using most advanced Conversational Generative AI solutions.

Agent Onboarding

Automatic, AI-led role-plays for new and existing hires, with scoring of their performance. For both, Voice and Text communications.

Live Translation – Text

Live Chat communication in any language.

Live Translation – Voice

Live Voice communication in any language.

AI Quality Management

Providing incredible level of insights into agents’ performance and allowing for 100% of calls being analyzed.



Choose the deployment method that best suits your organisation:

  • Cloud
  • Hybrid
  • On-Premises


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