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Contact Expert

Seamless, Multichannel Contact Center for Microsoft Skype for Business

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is it?

What is it?
  • Transforms Skype for Business into a dynamic contact center tool on pre-mise or as a cloud service.
  • Enables seamless multichannel communication and collaboration.
  • Includes intelligent call routing, queuing, recording, and robust supervisor control.
  • Integrates with CRM and business applications for unified interaction histories.
  • Features a unified agent desktop for a smooth multichannel customer experience.
  • Offers powerful ACD and outbound capabilities, versatile callback options, and a web-based administration portal.
  • Provides real-time operational and tracking reports, along with robust BI reporting for enhanced decision-making.
  • Intuitive scripting tool streamlines processes and intelligent routing optimizes call handling.

vs. Solution

Problem vs. Solution

Here are some common concerns and issues with the day-to-day operations of a contact center and how Contact Expert can deliver the solution.

Need to improve customer service and fix fragmented communication channels.

Implement cross-channel customer service with features like IVR, intelligent call routing, queuing, call recording, and callbacks.

The lack of a unified interface for multichannel interaction histories results in inconsistent customer information.

Leveraging comprehensive supervisor control and BI reporting and integrate with CRM and business applications, unifying interaction histories for consistent customer information.

Trying to maintain complex web of separate telephone lines, additional technologies, integrations, and gateways.

Leverage the capabilities of Skype for Business for an integrated, streamlined, and efficient communication solution for your contact center.

Demands will evolve so a solution that provides scalability is important.

Flex and scale rapidly with a direct cloud deployment and a straightforward pay-as-you-use model, reducing setup times and costs and eliminating the burdens of ongoing upgrades and maintenance.

Multiple outbound interactions are hard to manage.

The automated outbound IVR and powerful predictive dialing capabilities support activities across multiple channels including voice, email, SMS and even with a pop-up invitation to the Proactive chat feature.

There’s a lack of accessible data across communication channels and no user-friendly formats in which to gain valuable insights.

Delivering customizable and easy-to-understand formats, data is readily accessible across all channels using BI reporting to enable fast and informed business decisions.

A lack of comprehensive supervisor control and administration.

Leverage the intuitive web administrator and supervisor portal equipped with multi-level access control, skill assignment, and queue management capabilities along with the ability to access real-time information to monitor and track live interactions.




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