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Inova Performance Tracker

Inova Performance Tracker® is a web-based, call center dashboard that empowers stakeholders with the real-time data they need to make tactical decisions and adjust their plans throughout the day. By delivering relevant metrics from both call center and enterprise data sources on a single browser-based, mobile-friendly dashboard, you have a clear view of your call center’s overall performance at any given moment.

Dashboards To Drive Performance


Integrate Enterprise and Operational Data


Real-time tracking of call center metrics

Drill down functionality by team, group or queue

Communicate The Metrics That Matter

Inova Performance Tracker® call center management software gives you the business intelligence to drive higher efficiency and manage operations more effectively – and still be on the front line. With access to critical metrics in the palm of your hand, you’re able to move around the contact center and continue to actively impact performance by coaching agents and resetting priorities as needed.

If you're searching for ways to improve your call center's performance, Inova Performance Tracker® dashboards are easily customizable to meet your real-time reporting needs and can be used on Apple, Microsoft or Android tablets.  The call center dashboard can be tailored to different audiences and provide drill-down functionality that lets you see more specific detail within a group, team or queue. This real-time call center tracking software will keep both you and your team aware of current conditions and improve your ability to quickly assess current or potential issues so you can take action in a way that best leverages your available resources.

Performance Tracker - Features


Connect Data

View important metrics from multiple systems with a single glance. Integrate enterprise and operational data.


Mobile Friendly

See dashboards and other data views on Apple, Microsoft or Android tablets


Flexible Content

Drill down into workgroup, queue and agent data. Graphically display statistics through charts, grids and gauges.


Custom Dashboards

Customize views specific to your call center performance goals. Customize executive dashboards, manager dashboards and agent dashboards.


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