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Mission Critical Notifications: Keeping Team Members Informed

Most contact center managers and business leaders know how important it is to keep employees informed. The more data your team members have, from their performance to overviews of customer sentiment and trends, the more efficient and productive they become.

A wallboard solution that includes dashboards can be an excellent way to deliver valuable information to your employees wherever they are. However, these customizable dashboards aren’t just useful for showcasing metrics, analytics, and graphs. They can also be used in conjunction with an Emergency Alert system to help broadcast crucial alerts to your entire workforce.

With dynamic wallboards, you can instantly share vital information with staff members without hosting a virtual meeting or sending bulk messages via email or text.

Here’s how the right wallboards can support companies in managing and sending mission-critical notifications.

Broadcasting Crucial Information Efficiently with Wallboards

The contact center in any business is often an unpredictable place. Countless factors can impact the productivity, activities, and even the safety of your employees. A wallboard with dynamic notification options ensures you can deliver vital information to remote, hybrid, and in-person employees instantly, with minimal effort.

With tools like Geomant Wallboard, business leaders can rapidly broadcast messages to the work dashboards employees use daily. Busy employees are more likely to see alerts via a unified dashboard than they are to notice messages on their smartphones or in their email inboxes.

Business leaders can use alerts to provide insights into:

  • Natural disasters: Uncontrollable natural events that might prevent employees from accessing a contact center or using specific tools. You can alert employees to potential safety issues and provide them with step-by-step guidance for emergency procedures.
  • Disruptions: Outside of natural disasters, various other factors can disrupt employee workflows, from construction issues to power outages and problems with data centers. With your wallboard, you can ensure employees are aware of issues they might face.
  • Threats and risks: If your contact center is dealing with a security problem, such as a high number of fraud calls, or a technical issue, you can notify your employees, and tell them how to navigate the issue with best-practice steps and guidance.
  • Disaster recovery: After an issue occurs in a contact center, companies can use wallboards to issue instructions to employees, guiding them through using backup and failover strategies, conducting damage assessments, and more.
  • Health and safety issues: If certain risks in a contact center threaten the safety of your employees, you can use your alerts to help protect them from danger. For instance, you can advise employees to work from home daily if a natural disaster is impending.

You can even use your notifications to update employees about product changes, promotions, and more, helping them stay productive inside or outside the office.

Access Convenient and Instant Alerts with Wallboards

When managing a diverse team of contact center employees, ensuring they always have access to the correct information is crucial. Not only do the proper updates and insights keep your teams productive and efficient, but they can also help you mitigate disasters, protect employee safety, and recover quickly from unexpected events.

Rather than relying on messaging tools to send bulk notifications to multiple team members at once, leverage the power of your wallboard to share instant messages with your entire team.

With Geomant Wallboard, business owners can communicate immediately with their employees, wherever they are, through a convenient unified dashboard. Moreover, because your messages appear in front of your employees wherever they’re using their contact center dashboard, they’re more likely to reach your team members quickly.

Staff don’t have to check their inbox or keep track of their SMS alerts. They can access all the necessary notifications in the same place as their contact center tools and data.

Contact Geomant today to learn more about how you can customize instant alerts and notifications for your team, with an intuitive wallboard.

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