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Inova Digital Signage

Thanks to the seamless integration of Inova LightLink® software with Four Winds Interactive Content Manager, it’s easy to create multi-media digital signs for your contact center, lobbies, and common areas with your own state-of-the-art look and feel.

Digital Signage For Your Building


Multiple users can add and edit content to keep the screens current


Subscribe to a store of configurable apps, templates, plugins and content pieces


An intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop content management

Deliver Vital Information

Inova's digital wallboards can be placed strategically throughout your call center to keep your staff informed of real-time KPIs, changing conditions and corporate communications. They help you deliver a superior customer experience by:

  • Providing easy access to previously siloed real-time KPIs in custom views
  • Enabling real-time management of customer service issues
  • Engaging and motivating everyone on your team 
  • Promoting self-management and teamwork
  • Freeing supervisors to coach and serve customers more
  • Sharing important business and HR information

Digital Signage - features


Connect enterprise data

Compatibility with most major call center data sources


Dynamic, HD-quality views

Display views are outputted in HD with content segmentation by display, snap-to-fit template creation and automatic content resizing


Easy To Create & Manage Content

An intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop content management. Best practice templates with customizable options. Live and recorded video support


Custom messaging and alerts

Visual and audio alerts with custom message development


Visit the Geomant Academy

In the academy are a wealth of digital signage resources.