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Inova Desktop Presenter® Suite

Inova Desktop Presenter® is a contact center dashboard that delivers real-time metrics directly to agent desktops. It’s an ideal choice for at home or remote contact center agents or where wallboard or digital displays are not possible due to limited space or lines of sight.

Wallboards For Your Desktop


Integrate & display metrics from multiple data sources

Share key information with the capability to scale to thousands of users


View and share group or individual metrics in real time

Virtual Wallboards

With Desktop Presenter, it’s easy for contact center agents to view group and personal performance metrics. Customized messages and announcements keep agents up to speed with real-time conditions, as well as informed and focused on meeting performance goals. It’s easy to customize Desktop Presenter dashboards to the right size and location for each screen. Desktop Presenter® applications can also be hidden in the background and set to pop-up only for important alerts.

Desktop Presenter is like having a virtual wallboard on your desktop that displays a continuous feed of real-time call center metrics drawn from a variety of systems or applications. The highly customizable desktop reader boards accommodate specific applications or display critical information. Powered by Inova LightLink® software, Desktop Presenter uses color changes and pop-up messages to instantly notify agents of changing conditions that demand immediate action. 

Inova Desktop Presenter® can be customized for your environment and includes two applications, allowing you to choose the best way for you to share critical information.

Multiple Display Types

Choose how you want Desktop Presenter to appear on your desktop. Choose between a traditional LED wallboard style and customisable data views.

Inova Marquee


Traditional LED Style

Inova Marquee is a virtual wallboard for the desktop that mirrors the look, color structure and content of traditional LED wallboards, including font effects, graphics and animations.




Inova DataLink


Custom Charts & Grids

Inova DataLink displays real-time call center statistics in colorful charts and grids you can customize to your specific contact center environment. DataLink can be set to respond to performance-based thresholds, visually alerting agents to changing call center conditions.  



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