If Halloween was a Wallboard…

The team at Geomant thought a Halloween-themed wallboard would be a great way to highlight some of the great, custom features that our solution offers. Between integrating real-time social feeds (including X, Facebook, etc.) our solution can also bring to life maps or other geographic visuals and ensure those urgent alerts get through to all the necessary readers (you don’t want to be that kid that missed the memo on the house that’s giving out toothbrushes).

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Genesys Cloud CX Announcement

Geomant, a Genesys Partner, is proud to announce the availability of the Genesys Cloud CX data source for Geomant Wallboard. Available today, the connector joins a growing list of data sources that support instant awareness and informed action in the contact center. 

Genesys Cloud customers can now experience a real-time and historical reporting solution that includes advanced calculations and filtering for Genesys Cloud data. The connector provides real-time observations and historical performance and is based on interactions, contacts and users, complete with thresholds and alerting.  

Geomant’s powerful middleware allows for unification of data from Genesys and other related systems including Salesforce, Dynamics, Cisco, Avaya, NICE, Five9 and more. A web-based editor supports the creation of multiple views with scheduled content, feeds and alerts, that can be displayed on agent desktops, management dashboards, mobile devices and in-center wallboards. 

Dashboards and Wallboards may include Genesys Cloud metrics alongside Corporate Communications and other media content, including RSS and Twitter feeds, YouTube videos, CAP feeds, live video, PowerBI and Google Slides. The content can be delivered to the desktop or large screen players. 

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