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Geomant Digital 

Transform the way you deliver personal customer service with next-generation digital journey solutions. Geomant Digital brings chat, chatbots, video calls and instant messaging channels to your existing voice contact center.

Improve all aspects of your CX


Enhance your self-service capabilities


Seamless transfer from chatbots to live agents


Convert customer visits to video calls

Next Generation - CX solutions



Enhance self-service


Digital Channels

Be where your customers are


Instant Messaging

Stay connected to all generations


Sentiment Analysis

Be an active listener


Brand Monitoring

Understand the voice of the customer


Virtual Queueing

Save quality time



Integrate appointment setting


Video Calls

Communicate face-to-face

Our Building Blocks of Outstanding CX

Outstanding customer experiences happen when you communicate at the time and places your customer is most comfortable, when you are an active listener and treat their time as precious. Efficient CX is when you can deliver this in a way that is scaleable, repeatable and automated. Geomant Digital enables you to deliver all of this quickly and cost-effectively without the need for wholesale system changes.


Switch seamlessly from IVRs to digital channels by introducing our range of chatbots in your CX strategy.

  • Transactional Bots
  • FAQ Bots
  • Conversational Bots
  • Predictive Bots


Digital Channels

Talk to your customers where they are. Add new IM platforms to your communication channels as they become more popular. Do it in the shortest time and without changing your existing voice environment. We also have proven digital channel integrations with Avaya and Cisco and can integrate with any other voice contact center. Stay connected to all generations of customers.

  • WhatsApp

  • Viber

  • Twitter, Instagram & Facebook DM

  • RCS

  • SMS

  • Web-chat

  • Custom channels  

Sentiment Analysis & Brand Monitoring

Apply sentiment analysis to real-time written communication or large sets of historical data. Monitor and react to comments in Google Play, Youtube, Apple Store or Google Maps.

  • Understand the voice of the customer

  • Protect your public reputation

  • React instantly to feedback

Virtual Queuing & Appointments

Help your customers turn idle queueing time into active time by allowing them to take control of scheduling appointments of arranging callbacks.

  • Redirect them to the right service channel to deliver effective outcomes quickly

  • Eliminate wasted time for your customers sat waiting to speak to a live agent

  • Make use of scheduled and on-demand video calls

  • Improve customer satisfaction by delivering a great experience on their terms

What Our Customers Say


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