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Custom Integration

Unrivalled expertise in developing bespoke customer interaction solutions.

Custom Integration - What We Offer

Solution Architecture

Whatever systems you already have in place, our Solution Architects will evaluate your current customer interaction environment, and propose innovative but realistic and achievable solutions designed to align with your existing applications and processes.


Innovative Software Development

Our Agile Development teams are uniquely placed to create the software that brings your new customer interaction solution to life.

Systems Installation & Integration

We don't just develop custom software - we install and customise leading contact centre and unified communications platforms; meaning we understand the environment that our software operates within.


Project Management Services

We appreciate the importance of single-point accountability for the successful rollout of your project. Geomant’s project management services give you access to seasoned project managers who follow best practice methodologies to coordinate and monitor all aspects of your solution deployment, providing a smooth, efficient service that will save you time and money.

Rigorous Testing

From testing each component of your system design to a comprehensive evaluation of how the system works as a whole, you can rest assured that potential problems are detected and resolved long before your solution goes live.


Support & Maintenance

All our solutions are backed by our extensive support and maintenance services which are tailored specifically for you.

Training Services

With Geomant Training Services, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive training programme with flexible training options to equip your team with the skills and knowledge they need to make the most of your solution, maximising the return from your technology investment.


Geomant offers a fixed price cost based around an agreed scope which can range depending on the complexity of the project. Typically, there are three components which contribute to an overall solution cost, these are:




Professional Services


Software Assurance & Maintenance


From the Cloud


As a Hybrid




At Geomant we work with clients to understand the relative benefits of each deployment method and will assist in finding the most suitable arrangement to meet your commercial and operational requirements.

Visit the Geomant Academy

In the academy are a wealth of integration resources.