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Geomant is pleased to offer a 1-hour free consultation with one of our experts. This consultation can be focused on any concern or query you might have that's to do with metrics and performance management in the contact centre.

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Get advice on:

Real-Time Metrics

Specific real-time metrics you should be leveraging

Historical metrics

Historical metrics that should also be considered for context

Presenting information

How to best present and share real-time information

Threshold settings

The most effective threshold settings for specified metrics

Response plans

When response plans should be considered and what to include

Anything else

Anything else that's to do with contact centre metrics

Why should you talk to us?

We have years' of experience working with contact centres, we've designed and implemented real-time performance management solutions to organisations across the globe. Now, we're channelling that expertise, on a mission to help contact centres everywhere get the most from their metrics. 

Use the right metrics to achieve your business goals


Defining a metrics strategy that aligns with your contact centre’s business goals can be challenging. Using the wrong performance metrics can not only conflict with your goals, but actually drive unwanted behaviour.



Metrics that drive results

Geomant's  1-hour free, no-obligation consultation is an opportunity to ask our experts any questions about how best to ensure you’re providing the right real-time KPIs to the right person, at the right time, to drive the right results, such as:


  • Higher customer satisfaction 
  • Improved agent performance 
  • Reduced costs (cost per call, staffing and retention)
  • Higher revenue from sales

Book your free 1-hour consultation now

We'll even send you a customised report!

After your 1-hour consultation call, we'll build you a custom report that summaries the session and gives our recommendations - all at no cost. 


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