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Careers At Geomant

We have over 20 years expertise
in customer experience and systems integration


About Geomant 

At Geomant we care about our employees. We have always prided ourselves on being an enjoyable place to work.
Our professional yet relaxed and extremely friendly culture helps ensure good working
relationships and happy employees throughout the company.
We feel this is the key to our success!


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Offices across Europe and USA


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The Geomant Experience

What are our team members saying

Having started as a software developer, Geomant has allowed me to grow into a Product Owner and given me room to really develop and shape my career. The family like approach and the people I collaborate with are the real reason why this company is great to work for.


Jimmy Le
Product Owner

I like working at Geomant because, even as a beginner, I can be actively involved in the whole process of product development. It is also great having the opportunity to use the latest technologies in my work and be part of a helpful team.

Daniel Falus

Dániel Falus
Programming Intern

When you work at Geomant you feel part of a team. It is very supportive and everyone believes in doing what is right for the customer.


Callie Bartos
Director of Product Marketing

As a salesperson, it is key to feel good about what you sell. At Geomant, I am proud to say that I trust the engineers, install team and help desk to deliver valuable products and great customer service.


Linda Schmelter
Lead Account Manager

I have been working for Geomant since November 2016. Initially I joined as temporary maternity admin cover (sales, finance and H&S). I now share this role here in the UK, my main focus being finance administration. I can’t believe I have been here nearly five years, it’s flown by! Very grateful a permanent position became available with my Geomant family.


Connie Blackburn
Office Administrator

As a working parent, Geomant allows me to work around being a parent, rather than fitting family in the leftover pockets. We are trusted to work remotely, there's a culture of  "do what you need to do", and almost everyone has kids or remembers it well. It makes work-life balance attainable rather than just a buzzword.


Debbie Halstead
Product Specialist

I like to work at Geomant because here you feel part of a family. It is very supportive and everyone believes in you. Management has direct relationship with all of us. Our CEO is better than yours. You can easily find friends among colleagues and customers as well. You can learn and develop a lot. Your voice could be heard. You can make sure that your back is covered.

Virag Kremling

Virág Kremling
Sales Manager

Geomant was to be my first ever real job, so not surprisingly, I was very nervous coming to the interview. Hunor conducted the interview in an amazingly affable manner and expressed genuine interest in everything I had to say.

The friendly and approachable people at Geomant made me an entirely more sociable person myself. Although the company offers the possibility of working from home, as soon as the quarantine lifted, I was one of the first to continue coming into the office. I made the best friendship of my life here and hope to keep meeting inspiring people going forward.


Arnold Bajkó
Senior System Engineer

Working at Geomant is like drinking a mint-lime lemonade on the beach. Refreshing. We have exciting projects that sometimes might be challenging, but at the same time keep you motivated. Our office is a pleasant place where you can enjoy your morning coffee next to relaxing discussions. At Geomant I have not only found a place, where I can evolve professionally, but I have also found leaders and friends who make me have the best time while I’m at work.


Beáta Bölönyi-Márton
Operations Assistant