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Who is Using Your Company Wallboard?

Company wallboards and agent dashboards are fantastic sources of carefully-curated information designed to empower and enlighten your entire contact center staff. A wallboard can transform raw data from your contact center and productivity tools into actionable information capable of combining historical insights with real-time updates.

But who uses wallboards and dashboards regularly?

As the contact center landscape evolves and companies become increasingly data-driven, wallboards and dashboards have something to offer a wide variety of users. Here are some insights into who uses the company wallboard and their reasons for accessing it.

Wallboards for Individual Agents

Agents have always relied on the easy-to-access information offered by wallboards to keep them focused on the metrics that matter in their day-to-day roles. In a traditional contact center, where team members work together in a shared physical landscape, a wallboard can guide employees to work safely, efficiently, and collaboratively.

Companies can design unique wallboards for different teams focused on metrics that matter most to them. Your sales team could focus on concepts like the number of deals closed and contacts reached in a single day. Alternatively, the service team might concentrate more on NPS and CSAT ratings and how customer sentiment looks at the end of each call.

Wallboards can keep agents informed in the workplace and show them when they fail to reach their targets. You can even use your wallboards to send out urgent notifications or alerts.

Outside of the workplace, in the remote and hybrid environment, dashboards and agent desktops convert the larger office wallboard into a compact source of relevant information. At home-employees can adjust their dashboard information based on the KPIs most important to their performance.

Dashboards can boost engagement for at-home and remote agents, providing real-time insights that keep staff motivated and working towards the correct goals—your field workers and digital nomad employees can check in on essential metrics using a mobile dashboard.

Wallboards for Call Center Management

For the average individual user or team of agents in a contact center, a wallboard or dashboard is a valuable way to keep everyone aligned and working towards the same goals. For supervisors and managers in the modern workplace, the same boards can make it easier to track the overall performance of a specific department or the entire business.

Wallboards and dashboards showcasing real-time and historical data can help managers and business leaders to determine whether they’re making the right progress towards their service, support, and sales goals. These tools can highlight which staff members are performing at their best and which group may need additional training and support.

By pulling valuable information into a single platform from different contact center channels, workforce management tools, and CRM systems, wallboards and dashboards for managers can gain a quick view of their top performers, daily achievements, and service levels.

Aside from showing progress through historical metrics, the right wallboards utilize real-time analytics to help managers make better decisions at the moment. For instance, notifications sent to supervisors when an employee drops below a specific benchmark can ensure the agent gets the extra support or assistance they need.

For managers watching over hybrid and remote employees, dashboards and wallboards provide better visibility into team members most in need of their support.

Wallboards for Business Stakeholders

The management dashboard offers great benefits to executives who want to keep a pulse on operations from any location. The web-based views are accessible from desktop and mobile devices and can be configured to show summary or detailed information. Alerts can be configured to notify executives or management about changing conditions that may require action.

These tools allow you to curate some of the most critical insights throughout your business into an easy-to-digest, visual report that updates in real-time.

For stakeholders, the right digital dashboard demonstrates m how the center is performing with short-term goals and what kind of progress you’re making towards long-term targets without having to conduct separate complex data analysis.

Wallboards are Versatile

Knowledge is power in any business, and the information provided by your business wallboard can be an excellent data source for various members of your organization. The right wallboard technology will empower individual employees and teams, driving them towards their goals with actionable insights.

At the same time, a personalized dashboard can provide your company leaders and managers with the extra guidance they need to support an evolving workforce, even in the age of hybrid and remote work. You can even use your dashboards as interactive, up-to-the-minute reports for your stakeholders to see what’s happening in your organization.

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