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Which Deployment Method is Best? Cloud, On-Prem, or Hybrid?

Technical solutions for contact centers, communications, and essential operations can all be accessed in a range of different formats and deployment methods.

While some people still need the security and high level of control provided by an on-premise solution, many businesses are making the transition into the more agile, flexible cloud environment. The question is, how do you decide whether your ecosystem is better-suited for an on-premise or cloud deployment – or hybrid model?

On Premise, Cloud and Hybrid: What’s the Difference?

Before you can dive into your new deployment strategy, you need to understand how each offering works. Let’s take a closer look.

On-Premise Deployments

An on-prem deployment is the most traditional way for businesses to implement and utilize crucial technology. It involves paying for a team of experts to install and configure the solutions you need (both hardware and software) in your business environment or in a specific data center.

These types of solutions are often leveraged by larger SMB or enterprise companies that have their own IT departments in-place to manage everything from SIP trunking to data centers. These solutions allow for a highly customizable environment and the highest level of control.


  • Excellent for high levels of security and controls
  • Useful for companies with existing IT teams
  • Allows for access to advanced technology and unique infrastructure


  • Can be very expensive to deploy and maintain technology
  • Limited remote access to technology for team members

Cloud deployments

Cloud solutions are rapidly becoming one of the most popular choices for businesses, particularly since the pandemic. Cloud contact centers and communication strategies provide a flexible environment accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Rather than deploying tools on-site, a vendor can manage your technology remotely and deliver the functionality you need by leveraging the cloud.

A cloud deployment for your contact center allows remote team members to access the same tools as teams working in your standard office environment. Anyone with an internet connection can leverage the same functions and customer service tools. Contact center managers and supervisors can remotely manage teams and operations, utilizing cloud based reporting and monitoring solutions.

Cloud deployments are particularly valuable today because they allow for a better level of business continuity.


  • Suitable for remote and hybrid teams
  • Flexible and scalable, with the option to immediately take advantage of software updates. Business continuity built-in


  • Less control over the infrastructure, when compared to the on-premises environment
  • Must ensure that your provider is compliant to your industry standards

Hybrid deployments

For companies unable to choose between the flexibility of the cloud and the strength of on-premise technology, a hybrid deployment delivers the best of both. A hybrid environment allows business leaders to choose which parts of their technology they want to keep on-site and what should be leveraged in the cloud for business continuity and agility purposes.

With hybrid deployments you can have data center controls on-premises, to help with things like compliance and regulations, while still allowing your team members to remain productive in a hybrid or remote environment.

Hybrid deployments from partners like Geomant are often developed based on an in-depth collaboration to find the right solution for your business and departments.


  • Security and control for on-premise solutions
  • Flexibility and business continuity options
  • Usually more cost-effective than a full on-premise offering


  • May not be ideal for those who require full on-premises or cloud systems

Choosing your Deployment Method

Though the cloud is an important buzzword for today’s business leaders, it’s not the only option for a successful deployment. If you really want to make the most of your cloud contact center and other communication tools, you need to consider your options carefully, based on your unique business needs.

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