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Effective corporate communication is the key to running a successful workplace. According to a poll conducted in 2023, 72% of business leaders believe effective communication increases team productivity, and 52% of knowledge workers agree.

While most companies currently provide collaborative tools for employees to communicate via chat, video, and audio, more can be done. A comprehensive corporate strategy should ensure business leaders and supervisors can keep all their team members on the same page with insights, valuable resources, and consistent updates.

That’s where the business wallboard comes in. More than just a platform for displaying valuable metrics, OKRs and KPIs, wallboards can help bridge the gaps in your communication strategy, improving employee experiences, engagement, and productivity at the same time.

The Benefits of Wallboards for Corporate Communications

As the workplace has changed, the modern wallboard has evolved with it. Today’s innovative solutions go beyond static reports and data insights. They can augment your corporate communication strategy with responsive features and dynamic segments that align and inform teams.

Leading wallboard platforms allow companies to create customized agent desktops, available to Agents and Management whether in the office or on the move, with mobile apps for remote access. They can align data and information into a single source of truth for employees, help boost business transparency, and even impact employee confidence and satisfaction scores.

As part of a comprehensive corporate communication strategy, wallboards can:

Enhance company culture – Wallboards aren’t just there to display useful metrics and graphs to employees. They can also improve the workplace experience, aligning teams and improving workplace bonds. Business leaders can use wallboards to unify teams around daily trivia questions or to share jokes and motivational quotes with staff.

Boost employee engagement – With the right wallboards, business leaders can motivate and engage their team members, from in-office employees to remote staff. Companies can use gamification methods, like leaderboards, to excite employees with daily, weekly, or monthly competitions. Reminders around scheduled training sessions and opportunities for advancement can be highlighted. Plus, they can offer employees real-time insights into their performance, metrics, and accomplishments.

Boost employee recognition – Employees are more motivated and engaged when recognized for their hard work. Unfortunately, delivering consistent recognition can be difficult, particularly in a large and globally dispersed business. Wallboards offer an excellent way to celebrate employee achievements. Team leaders can monitor performance and utilize threshold alerting to trigger celebratory messages, spotlighting their most valuable employees daily.

Keep teams informed – With dynamic news updates, announcements, and emergency alerts, business leaders can ensure employees are updated on more than just their KPIs. Wallboards offer an excellent way to rapidly grab employee attention, whether you’re sharing birthday and anniversary celebrations, company team photos, social media feeds, weather or traffic information, or highlighting a product issue.

Align crucial insights – Most importantly, wallboards allow companies to curate all the information employees need to thrive in a single environment. This means companies spend less time jumping between apps to find all the necessary data. Built-in alerting allows employees to see when action is required without having to constantly monitor their dashboard. With a suitable wallboard, your employees have a streamlined, simple source of crucial data.

Upgrade Corporate Communications with a Wallboard

The modern wallboard has become a precious tool for today’s business leaders. Leading solutions, like the Geomant wallboard, empower companies to do much more than provide their team members instant access to crucial information.

These resources can enhance corporate communications, improve collaboration, increase team engagement, and unlock new productivity levels.

Discover what your business can accomplish with an intuitive wallboard solution today. Reach out to Geomant to learn more about the customizable wallboards you can build for state-of-the-art corporate communications.

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