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The Power of Wallboards for Public Service

When most people think about the benefits of wallboards, they imagine fast-paced contact center environments brimming with agents hoping to monitor crucial KPIs and metrics. However, the advantages of wallboards go much further than you’d think.

The right customizable solutions provide employees and business leaders of all backgrounds with crucial data they can use for various purposes. Wallboards can improve productivity, team safety, and performance in a world as fast-paced and time-sensitive as the Public Sector landscape.

These critical call tracking and alerting tools can become the heart of the dispatch center for emergency services, aligning employees across the diverse operational landscape. Used correctly, a powerful wallboard can impact everything from your employee engagement levels to the experiences you deliver to your consumers.

The Benefits of Wallboards for Public Service

The modern wallboard is more than just a screen packed with information. It’s a behind-the-scenes insight into the pulse of any organization. Offering instant guidance to employees both inside and outside of the dispatch center, a digital wallboard drives crucial action.

In the public sector landscape, wallboards can serve several use cases. They can inform utility companies about a grid issue or water main break. In the emergency services space, they can keep 911 operators informed of traffic accidents, upcoming storm warnings, and potential risks.

Used correctly, a well-designed wallboard:

  • Saves time: the public sector, time-pressed employees need fast access to relevant, up-to-date information. A wallboard organizes essential data into an easy-to-follow visual format, provides access to rapid notifications, and accelerates the actions of response teams.
  • Preserves safety: Keeping team members safe is crucial in the public sector. The more information a team has about risks and threats, from traffic collisions to weather events, the more precautions they can take, both for themselves and the people they serve.
  • Boosts productivity: With instant access to all the information they need in one convenient environment, remote and office-based employees can achieve exceptional productivity gains. Wallboards reduce the need to search through files for information.
  • Improves collaboration: When everyone has access to the same information, collaboration thrives. Wallboards make it easy to share documents, guidance, notifications, and even crucial metrics with employees on every level, wherever they are.
  • Enhances service: By boosting productivity and efficiency in the workplace, wallboards can improve the service public sector companies deliver to their citizens. This leads to greater trust among communities.

As wallboards continue to improve performance levels in the public service landscape, they can help reduce operational costs and assist businesses in mitigating all kinds of disasters.

Bringing Wallboards to Public Service

While wallboards can bring incredible benefits to the public service space, not all solutions are alike. For today’s teams to thrive, they need access to dynamic, responsive, and highly customizable tools to collect and use data effectively.

The suitable wallboard should optimize every agent’s screen. This means finding a platform that allows you to curate the most important information for each team member. These tools should empower teams to accomplish their best work and ensure every member remains productive, regardless of location. Fortunately, Geomant has a solution.

The Geomant digital wallboard supports employees from all backgrounds, with solutions for remote, field, and in-office employees. With our unified ecosystem, you can align contact center channels, workforce management, CRM, and ticketing solutions into a powerful platform for success.

Discover how the customizable wallboards from Geomant can transform your public service team and help you better serve your community.

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