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The Operational Data Your Wallboard Solution Needs

Data is the key to running any successful business. The more information you have about your team, marketplace, and customers, the more effective you can perform.

Of course, simply bombarding a workforce with data won’t guarantee exceptional outcomes.

As the world becomes more digitized, the daily data volume we’re collecting is growing at astronomical levels. To make matters worse, many of the crucial insight for teams to be successful are distributed across many different tools and systems.

In a fast-paced and evolving environment, business leaders need to find a way of collating essential operational insights in a format their teams can leverage. A customizable wallboard is the perfect solution for the contact center.

Using Operational Data to Improve Customer Experience

Having access to the correct information required to convert customers, grow sales, and maintain a higher level of service means connecting and unifying various distributed data systems. Your order management, service desk and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, corporate website, accounting tools, and other collaboration applications are all home to valuable sources of information.

Unfortunately, each tool your employees need to deliver excellent customer service can add confusion and inefficiency to the mix. Choosing a contact center wallboard and agent desktop that supports the inclusion of data from multiple sources can lead to incredible results for your staff.

Geomant’s wallboard technology includes connectors for many of the most prevalent operational systems. You can pull data from all your crucial tools cost-effectively and reliably for better overall results and utilize this data to manage performance of the contact center.

Creating a Holistic Environment for Operational Data

Wallboards represent an extremely valuable tool for the modern workforce, particularly with this common occurrence of a remote or hybrid team of agents. Whether broadcast on the screens in the office or delivered digitally to your remote employees’ computer screens, these dashboards ensure higher levels of engagement and productivity.

The wallboards of yesterday focused primarily on call metrics as the phone was the primary method of communication. Today, many agents are handling email and chat sessions, in addition to phone calls. The contact center reporting system needs to unify this data to get a clear picture of customer engagement and response levels.

Additionally, the wallboard solution is a great central location to provide updates on sales orders or support case metrics and may optionally provide links to other supporting systems that may need to be queried by the agents.

With a custom wallboard solution from Geomant, companies can collect valuable data points from multiple environments in the operational ecosystem and deliver the information in a meaning visual format, including threshold monitoring and alerting. Not only can companies align crucial data points for team members using wallboards, but they can also use this technology to mitigate the risks of information overwhelm in a digital landscape.

Contact center managers can track the most important statistics and insights in a unified space rather than using multiple tools or systems to get a complete view of business operations and outcomes. A custom wallboard that includes operational data leads to:

  • Better employee performance: Wallboards help management and agents maintain a clear understanding of the crucial key performance indicators influencing the business. The right wallboard technology will keep staff members focused on the most important outcomes, regardless of where they’re working, and provide alerts when service levels or other KPIs are trending is the wrong direction.
  • Enhanced productivity: Collecting information from a host of different environments, including order management systems, website analytics, accounting, collaboration tools, and CRM solutions, creates a one-stop-shop for valuable information. This provides employees with an all-in-one overview of essential points to increase productivity.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Presenting agents with the information needed to deliver personalized and meaningful experiences to customers will improve if leveraged within a unified environment. Access to operational data should be included via an agent desktop integration or embedded links in an agent dashboard, to help employees access valuable contact details instantly.

The right wallboard technology, infused with operational data, can improve your overall contact center productivity. Management has the information to make decisions in a timelier manner when properly alerted, resulting in less stressful situations for the agents and better customer satisfaction. And armed with the correct customer data, an agent can handle any issue more quickly and efficiently.

Bringing Operational Data to Wallboards

Wallboards and agent desktops are more than just a way to gamify the contact center and drive better insights for business leaders. When used correctly, these resources can become hubs of valuable data for your employees. A wallboard with access to the proper operational tool integrations can surface insights throughout your business processes to make team members more informed, educated, and empowered when dealing with customers.

The more you empower management with actionable information, and enable agents to easily access customer data, the higher your performance statistics and customer satisfaction scores will climb. Contact Geomant today to find out how you can connect your operational data points to your contact center wallboard solution.

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