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The 5 W’s of the Contact Center Dashboard

We’re officially living in the age of customer experience. 66% of customers expect companies to understand their needs immediately, and 82% expect businesses to accommodate their preferences. What’s more, customer expectations are constantly evolving, with market-leading companies like Amazon and Netflix paving the way to a future of instant omnichannel service.

The only way to survive in this new landscape is to ensure you’re constantly enhancing, optimizing, and improving your CX strategy, using the right data to guide you.

Intelligent, data-driven decisions help businesses to make the right choices when it comes to empowering service agents, supporting customers, and generating positive customer satisfaction. Fortunately, a contact center dashboard is all companies need to access data correctly.

The 5 W’s of the Contact Center Dashboard

Contact center dashboards have been around for many years, offering business leaders and their employees behind-the-scenes insights into customer service and performance. In the digitally transforming world of CX, these environments are evolving rapidly to keep up with a growing demand for insightful data driven service teams.

Dashboards can help businesses handle the unexpected spikes in demand that would otherwise throw their teams into chaos. The same tools can help managers optimize and organize resources, learn from call center data, and build strategies to deliver an outstanding experience.

Let’s explore the five “W’s” of the contact center dashboard.


One of the best things about today’s contact center dashboards is their versatility. As the world of customer service becomes more data-driven, virtually everyone on your team can benefit from access to the right metrics. The people in your workforce most likely to use a contact center dashboard include:

  • Individual agents: Particularly now, in today’s world of hybrid and remote work, contact center dashboards can help your agents keep their fingers on the pulse. You can create dashboards customized to showcase the metrics most relevant to each member of your team or even allow your team members to create their dashboards. Not only do these tools help keep staff up-to-date with important metrics and notifications, but they can also keep teams motivated.
  • Management and supervisors: Contact center managers can leverage the benefits of dashboards to track the overall performance and processes of the entire team. A well-organized dashboard will instantly show managers when agents aren’t reaching their performance goals, so they can reach out and offer help whenever necessary.

Dashboards can also be shared with stakeholders in your business to provide insight into your company’s growth or track progress towards departmental or organizational goals.


The “what” is probably the easiest “W” when defining contact center dashboards. Essentially, these tools (the “what”) are intuitive visual reporting solutions capable of integrating data from various sources. By bringing multiple important metrics together on the same page and transforming raw data points into visuals, dashboards make tracking your team’s performance easier.

Contact center dashboards in the modern world can be as advanced or as simple as you like. The best tools will come with customization features so you can change everything from the colors to the graphs on your dashboard for individual users and teams.

The most important feature of a contact center dashboard is its ability to unify the valuable data your teams need into an easy-to-digest format.


Today’s contact center dashboards can bring benefits to businesses anywhere. In the past, most wallboards and dashboards were reserved for traditional contact center environments. Today, these tools are far more flexible, thanks to the cloud.

You can design a dashboard for your team in-house and create a separate one with data points more relative for your remote workers. Alternatively, you can share the same dashboard view with employees wherever they are to create unified insight into critical data. Many dashboard solutions can offer a format easy to access via smartphones and tablets as well.


A contact center dashboard is one of the best ways to enhance your customer service strategy, by leveraging access to real-time data. Your visual dashboard can collect crucial KPIs and metrics from your communications and CX stack and present them to users in real time. This means you can see how things like CSAT scores or answering rates are changing.

The information you collect from your dashboards can also be stored over the longer term to provide historical insights. For instance, you might look back over previous metrics and statistics to determine which seasonal periods have the highest peaks in demand.


So, why do you need a contact center dashboard? Simply put, we live in a world where employees and companies must be ready to react instantly to customer needs. Your clients expect high-quality, personalized, engaging experiences across every channel. The only way to deliver is to provide your agents with the necessary information.

Contact center dashboards will give you a clear view of everything from customer sentiment to demand trends, and performance data, so you can react, adjust, and optimize your team to achieve the best possible results. You’ll be able to:

  • Preserve customer loyalty and build better relationships with clients
  • Track and respond to any compliance issues
  • See problems with customer service immediately and come up with solutions
  • Spot trends and deal with impending patterns as they emerge
  • Better understand the needs of your employees and find enhanced ways of organizing assets

Learn from the 5 “W’s” of a contact center dashboard and consider how your business can benefit from having access to the correct data. Contact Geomant today to find out more about building your ultimate dashboard.

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