Simplify Compliance Investigations In 3 Easy Steps

Compliance can be a challenging thing for any business to deal with. The regulations in virtually every industry are growing more complex each year as concerns about privacy and security continue to develop. If you’re not constantly working on your compliance strategy, you risk severe fines, legal issues, and damage to your reputation.

The good news? Most organizations won’t need to conduct a compliance investigation very often. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be adequately prepared. If you happen to encounter a situation where you need to audit your processes and evaluate compliance, failing to have the right plan in place could mean wasting time and resources.

So, how do you simplify compliance investigations and reduce the strain on your team?

All it takes is three easy steps.

Step 1: Leverage Automation to Keep Errors to a Minimum

One of the best ways to transform any compliance investigation is to ensure that there are no missing gaps in your data. Implementing tools that allow you to automatically collect information from the proper channels and store data in the correct locations will significantly reduce your risk of problems.

For instance, companies leveraging Microsoft Teams for their UCaaS strategy can use Geomant’s dedicated compliant recording system to capture all communications in teams automatically. You can implement a tamper-resistant, centralized solution for data collection, with workflows to assist with archiving, retrieving, and managing IM, video, voice, and screen-sharing interactions.

With automation, you can confidently ensure you meet strict record-keeping and reporting requirements without overwhelming your teams with additional tasks.

Step 2: Eliminate Investigation Roadblocks

One of the biggest issues companies have with compliance investigations is that the data they’re storing is often unstructured and difficult to navigate. Even if you’re constantly capturing voice, video, and other conversations, it can take hours to sort through these documents manually to find the necessary information.

Using a compliant recording and reporting system with built-in tools for transcribing, searching, and categorizing your communications can save much time. You can automatically transform every piece of audio data and video into easily searchable text. This means you can find keywords and statements in seconds rather than spending hours listening to each recording.

You can even tag specific conversations and interactions with categories to help you sort through different types of discussions. For instance, you may have a category for internal communications, one for VIP clients, and one for everyday customers.

Step 3: Modernize Case Management

Finally, it’s worth updating the case management strategy to make compliance as simple as possible for your compliance officers, auditors, and anyone else who might be dealing with your data. While creating clear policies and guidelines for your teams to follow, investing in the right technologies to boost your case management efforts is also helpful.

The right all-in-one tools can help significantly with this, providing you with an intelligent environment to track crucial insights in your business.

With an end-to-end solution for recording and compliance, you can monitor the state and quality of recorded data, track potential anomalies, and even enhance your strategy for dealing with each case. For instance, Geomant’s technology can be integrated with various tools, including Microsoft Azure, Office 365, and end-user applications, to give you comprehensive visibility. You can also access specialist services from Geomant to help plan and implement the ideal compliance strategy.

Simplify Compliance Investigations Today

While compliance investigations may not be particularly commonplace for many businesses, they’re still something all companies should be prepared to handle. The right technology can make a massive difference to your ability to collect, manage, and audit information across your communication ecosystem.

With Geomant, you can build a strategy for compliance visibility that benefits your entire team, leveraging high levels of recording redundancy, valuable integrations, solutions for speech transcription, and policy enforcement. We can also help you with step-by-step software and application development for your compliance needs.