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The powerful multichannel contact centre for Microsoft Skype for Busines


Microsoft Skype for Business unifies communication to make employee interactions collaborative, SkypeB Certification Logoengaging, and accessible from just about anywhere. But with the addition of powerful multimedia contact centre functionality, the benefits that Skype for Business brings to your organization can be even greater.

Designed exclusively for Skype for Business, Contact Expert leverages maximum value from your existing Microsoft investment by delivering a complete and cost-effective contact centre solution on one scalable and highly flexible platform – while retaining all the functionality of Microsoft Skype for Business.



Why separate your contact centre from your enterprise, when Contact Expert (CE) with its native integration with Skype for Business can extend sophisticated, multichannel customer communication seamlessly into the rest of your organization?

CE is one of the few contact centre solutions that is truly native to Skype for Business, so that it works as one with Microsoft’s Unified Communications (UC) platform. This means you can enjoy the familiar UC experience that Skype for Business offers and extend it directly into your contact centre, with no loss of features, enterprise-wide collaboration, federation or flexibility - and without the added costs of other communication technology, integration or gateways.

Uniting Skype for Business with seamless contact centre functionality derives maximum value from your Microsoft investment. And with multichannel contact, intelligent call routing and queuing, IVR, call recording and callback, alongside comprehensive management and supervisor tools, you’ll have the business-critical communication you need to achieve resolution across all touch points – first time round.

Delivers contact centre functionality into your Skype for Business environment
Ensures a seamless multichannel customer experience

Contact Expert extends the functionality of Skype for Business to let your business handle communications across multiple channels on just one platform. Whether it’s via the web, phone, email, chat, or even social media networks – your customers will be able to engage with you however and whenever they choose.

Regardless of channel, Contact Expert unifies customer interaction histories and combines them with existing CRM or customer database information into one user-friendly interface, ensuring that every interaction is assigned to the most appropriate contact centre agent; even to the agent with whom the customer last had contact. The result: optimized costs and maximized operational efficiency.


Thanks to Contact Expert, powerful multimedia contact centre functionality is no longer a separate, stand-alone entity that runs alongside Office 365 – but an integral part of it. The result? Employee interactions are more collaborative, engaging, and accessible - from just about anywhere.

CE and Office 365 work seamlessly as one to empower your organization to make and record, outbound calls, send automated notifications via voice, email or text, and enable your Customers to make contact with you via voice, email, web chat, video, or social media applications. Your agents, too, can move easily between channels, taking calls from customers, while simultaneously checking the presence of colleagues, conferencing subject matter experts into calls, and sharing their screen with others. CE also makes it easy for your supervisors to chat to agents and others in the enterprise, while monitoring and reporting on the quality and productivity of their operations.

The flexibility of Anywhere Working for contact centre agents
Consolidated, unified information: all at the click of a button

Providing amazing customer service in parallel with managing numerous software applications has never been easier. Contact Expert’s dynamic desk top interweaves multichannel communication and multiple business applications, presenting them all in one, easy-to-use screen.

Designed to be entirely familiar to users of Microsoft Skype for Business, the consolidated and highly intuitive desktop eradicates the need for agents to continually toggle between applications, making it easy for users to locate and collaborate with other colleagues and subject matter experts – simply at the click of a button.

With a soft-phone for call control and a screen-pop that offers customer interaction histories for every channel, agents always have access to most relevant and up-to-the-minute information. And to ensure that performance issues can be dealt with as and when they occur, the unified desktop also incorporates an agent dashboard to display real-time contact state statistics, such as the number of queued calls, average wait times and team orientated status information.

Addressing the needs of agents, supervisors and customers alike, the Contact Expert unified desktop boosts efficiency, optimizes effectiveness and maximizes productivity; but most importantly of all, it eases your agents’ roles so that they are better able to focus on delivering the unbeatable cross-channel customer experience that you and your customers demand.


Contact Expert’s advanced and powerful ACD capabilities ensure maximum productivity and enriched customer service. Via highly intelligent skills-based and presence aware routing, all customer interactions - whether inbound or outbound - are routed to the most appropriate agent. The system not only determines which agent has the skills and experience necessary to serve a particular customer, but can even identify the agent who communicated with them most recently. Agent workload is also taken into account to make sure that contacts are always distributed evenly among agents.

Powerful ACD capabilities ensure the right resources at the right time
Groundbreaking contact centre technologies

CE makes it easy for you to take advantage of groundbreaking contact centre technologies, such as Mediated Interaction Matching (MIM), which uses profile matching between customer and advisor in place of more traditional ACD routing.

Using simple plug-in technology, CE can extend beyond its impressive ACD capabilities to integrate seamlessly with any external system, including Afiniti - which uses personality metrics to achieve an ideal pairing between individual agents and customers. CE enables MIM to be introduced through any service provider and is effective for both inbound and outbound calls.


Afiniti is the newest cloud service plug-in to CE – and it’s revolutionizing customer contact. Afiniti uses big data analytics and artificial intelligence to optimize the pairing of agents with customers based on predicted interpersonal behaviour. Boasting an average increase in client revenues of over 4%, Afiniti is known to positively impact telesales conversion rates, customer retention rates and cross- and up-sell opportunities.

Revolutionize customer contact
Supports outbound activities across multiple contact channels

Whether it’s via traditional voice, or through email or SMS, Contact Expert gives you the means to deliver customer service on a proactive, rather than a reactive basis. Supporting outbound activities across multiple channels, CE helps you to cut inbound call volumes, while boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With powerful predictive dialling capabilities and high-performance answer machine detection and blending, CE maximizes the performance of agents, boosts customer contact rates, and keeps call abandon rates to the minimum. The solution’s automated outbound IVR also means that you can contact your customers proactively to provide them with that tailored and valuable information that people genuinely want to receive. CE can even reach out to your online visitors with its Proactive Chat feature, to offer assistance or advice via friendly pop-up invitations.


Contact Expert merges the boundaries of inbound and outbound contact to manage the complexities of multichannel contact– so you don’t have to. Embracing all types of inbound and outbound communication, including voice, email, chat, and social media, CE regulates outbound volume based on inbound traffic.

Switching agents automatically between inbound channels and outbound tasks, CE deploys resources flexibly through the peaks and troughs of traffic, enabling inbound service levels to be met.

CE’s flexible, blended environment provides the ultimate in contact centre efficiency. Staffing is streamlined to deliver the best possible customer experience, and agent productivity is optimized as inbound idle time is used for proactive outbound tasks. And as agents enjoy more varied and interesting work, motivation is boosted, keeping service quality high and attrition rates to a minimum.

Minimize agent idle-time. Maximize agent productivity
The key to optimize contact centre service levels & agent productivity

Contact Expert’s powerful web administrator and supervisor portal ensures that your contact centre always operates at optimum efficiency and peak productivity.

Giving you full control over the day-to-day running of your contact centre, CE’s sophisticated features include multi-level access control, skill assignment, queue management, as well as easy access to customizable system reports. Real-time management information also ensures that your supervisors can monitor and track live interactions across all media channels, and can listen-in, coach and participate in calls. CE’s tight integration with Skype for Business also means that your supervisors can see the presence status of agents, queues and campaigns, and can message agents quickly and easily via the CE portal.


The best contact centres rely on solid, up-to-the-minute information to ensure contact centre service levels and agent productivity are measured and optimized. Contact Expert delivers one of the most insightful and customizable Business Intelligence reporting solutions available to contact centres today.

Underpinned by Microsoft’s impressive BI technology, data is readily accessible in a customizable, easy-to-understand format, for you to make fast, informed business decisions. From yearly to one minute intervals, CE lets you drill down, rank, sort, and filter information to gain insight into causes, effects and trends. With such comprehensive reporting and alerting tools– across all communication channels, CE ensures that you will always be able to identify best practices and pinpoint opportunities for improving quality.

Underpinned by Microsoft's Impressive BI Technology
Simple pay-as-you-go model

Offering its benefits directly from the Cloud, Contact Expert has a simple Pay-As-You-Use model, so that your Unified Communications infrastructure can rapidly flex and scale to respond to evolving demands and new requirements. Set-up time and set-up costs are reduced, and with no servers or software to continually upgrade and maintain, your business can simplify IT and reduce capital budgets significantly.


It’s no secret that people hate waiting – and your customers are no exception. So why not offer them a choice of callback options? Whether they’re holding in a voice queue, requesting assistance from your website, using your mobile phone app, texting, or visiting your corporate social network pages, your customers can be offered the convenience of an immediate or scheduled callback. Contact Expert will even schedule callbacks automatically for any calls that are abandoned.

A callback solution brings substantial benefits: abandoned calls are significantly reduced, agents spend less time on the phone, and peaks can be better managed with lower staffing costs. But best of all, customer satisfaction and loyalty is increased immeasurably as callers no longer have the frustration of waiting in a queue.

Abandon rates lowered, call volume spikes smoothed, customer satisfaction guaranteed!
Leading-edge graphical scripting tool

With a leading-edge graphical scripting tool that requires no programming skills, Contact Expert makes it easy for supervisors to define the data, words and pictures that will guide your agents during customer interactions, across all media types. With features designed to increase agent productivity, enforce compliance and promote dynamic customer conversations, Contact Expert makes certain that your agents are always equipped to provide the very best in customer care. And because the development of a good script is inevitably an ongoing process, Contact Expert makes script amendment fast and reactive, enabling them to be fully tested before implementation.


The ability to record calls is often regarded as the preserve of large companies with big budgets, but with Contact Expert’s integrated and versatile recorder, inbound and outbound call recording for compliance, training and quality assurance is accessible for businesses of every size.

At the click of a button, it’s possible to listen to live calls, conduct quality control tests, review, search and sort all incoming and outgoing calls, so it’s easy to see the strengths and weaknesses of your team, while problematic calls can be rapidly identified and resolved. Better still, all recording data is automatically stored and organized and can be effortlessly retrieved.

Inbound & outbound call recording for businesses of every size
Unmatched flexibility and granular control

With full multitenancy built in, CE boasts unmatched flexibility and granular control. CE empowers your business to align with the needs of your customers, while defining the service and service levels that best meet the needs of your company.

Organizations have the flexibility to deploy the solution on premise, or as a cloud-based, software-as-a-service solution by using Contact Expert’s proven, service provider, multitenant capabilities. Servicing just one or multiple distinct business units within the same organization, CE can be cost-effectively deployed for as few as five users - while offering full contact centre functionality and scalability for hundreds.


Importantly the system can be distributed in multiple locations so it can continue to operate and recover quickly in the event of an infrastructure failure, power outage or other disruption to one of the other locations. Both High Availability and Disaster Recovery is fully supported.

Proven reliability
Low TCO with flexible billing options

Contact Expert is a powerful solution for Service Providers to increase revenue and grow their customer base by offering high-end multichannel contact centre functionality for Microsoft’s Skype for Business at an exceptionally competitive price, with flexible billing options, and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Contact Expert provides a feature-rich multichannel environment on a robust single platform - that is reliable and easy to manage, having independent configuration and settings. And with secured data access and separation, Contact Expert makes certain that a tenant’s data stays firmly within their own virtual environment.

Contact Expert is perfect for Service Providers and shared contact centres in organizations of any size and in any industry.



Multichannel Contact Centre for Skype for Business

True Native Integration with Skype for Business

Office 365 Integration for Anywhere Working

Unified Agent Desktop

Powerful ACD & Outbound Capabilities, with High Performance Predictive Dialling


Web-Based Administration & Supervisor Portal, with Flexible Role-Based Access Control

Integrated Multichannel Blending

Immediate or Scheduled CallBack Options

Customizable Analytical & Executive Reporting, using Microsoft BI Technology

Real-Time Operational & Tracking Reports

Advanced Customer/Agent Matching Plug-In

Inbound/Outbound Recording

Cloud Service, On-Premises, & Hybrid