Transforming the Way Your Business Interacts with Customers and Prospects in the Digital Era.


Expand your portfolio to include intelligent chatbots.


Apply machine learning and data science to personalise the customer experience.


Scale up at a pace that suits you and your customers, adding functionality as you go.

Intelligent Chatbots

We have devised a portfolio of four intelligent chatbot types to help companies like yours realise the benefits of AI as early as possible, and let your solution evolve as your customers’ needs grow.




Automated responses to typical customer queries in a simple question-and-answer style dialogue.


Easy data ingestion from knowledge bases, FAQ repositories, manuals etc.

Use Cases:

Company information, Terms and Conditions, Opening times, Locations etc.


Customer Service, Sales, Financial Services, Retail, Housing, Local Government, IT Helpdesk etc.


Conversational Bot


In human-like conversation with natural language understanding capabilities.


Superior UI with rich content including text, images, audio, video, documents, action buttons etc.

Use Cases:

All FAQ Bot use cases, plus: Product Finder, Stock Availability, Problem Solver, How-To Instructions etc.


Customer Service, Sales, Financial Services, Retail, Housing, Local Government, IT Helpdesk etc.


Transactional Bot


Real-time transactions via integration to enterprise backend systems and databases such as CRM, ticketing systems, payment gateways etc.  

Use Cases:

Account Balance and Transactions, Service Requests, Ordering and Payment, Appointment Scheduling, Waste and Recycling Services, Password Reset etc.


Customer Service, Sales, Financial Services, Retail, Housing, Local Government, IT Helpdesk etc.


Predictive Bot


Advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to analyse and extract data patterns and to predict trends and future behaviour.

Use Cases:

Product Recommendation, Personalised Service, Sentiment Analysis, Suggested Responses, Forecasting etc.


Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Retail, Housing, Financial Services, Local Government etc.

Business Benefits


Enable New Digital Interactions

Provide your customers with the convenience of interacting on the digital channel of their choice and enable novel ways to communicate with your company.


Reduce Operational Costs

Automate repetitive, typical customer requests and simpler tasks, saving time for your most valuable assets - your people.


Augment Human Intelligence

Extend and complement your human agents' work by providing additional insights about the customer interaction.

Personalised Services

Personalise and enhance a customer’s experience using CRM and other data to understand their preferences, buying patterns, etc.


Higher Customer Engagement

A chatbot is always on and can instantly answer a customer’s question 24/7, without having to wait in a queue or until the next day when your office opens.


Human Touch

Built-in escalation to a human agent as and when needed to handle complex customer requests and tasks that cannot – yet – be automated by AI.

Common Features


Multiple Channels

Enable your chatbot on multiple digital channels including Webchat, Email, Facebook Messenger, SMS, Twitter etc.


Live Agent Escalation

Ability to escalate to a live agent, including the whole chat history. Available with LiveChat, Contact Expert, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and other chat solutions.


Ability to offer a callback at a convenient time for the customer.

Partner Program Benefits

Expanded solutions portfolio.


Unique resale opportunity.


Increased profit margins.


Unparalleled Competence.

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