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Contact Center From The Cloud

A powerful, fully-featured cloud contact center system.

Contact Center from the Cloud - Full Features


Multichannel Interaction

Lets your business handle communications across multiple channels on just one platform, whether it’s via the web, phone, email, chat, or even social media and messaging channels.


Unified Agent Desktop & Soft-Phone

With a softphone for call control and a screen-pop to deliver customer interaction histories for every channel, your agents will always have access to up-to-the-minute information.


Enables Anywhere Working

Office 365 integration for anywhere working.


Powerful Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD) & Outbound Capabilities, With High-Performance Predictive Dialling

All customer interactions - whether inbound or outbound - are routed to the most appropriate agent. The system not only determines which agent has the skills and experience necessary to serve a particular customer but can even identify the agent who communicated with them most recently. Agent workload is also taken into account to make sure that contacts are always distributed evenly among agents.


Advanced Customer/Agent Matching Plug-In Available

Uses personality metrics to achieve an ideal pairing between individual agents and customers.


Integrated Multichannel Blending

Regulates outbound volume based on inbound traffic and switches agents automatically between inbound channels and outbound tasks.


In Platform Customer Interaction Histories

Are available and can be combined with existing CRM or customer database information in one interface.


Call Back Functionality

Eliminates the need for customers to wait in a queue for an agent to become available. Callbacks can be immediate, or scheduled for a future time, and can be requested while in-queue, via the web, mobile app or SMS.


Call Recording

Inbound and outbound call recording for compliance, training and quality assurance are accessible for businesses of every size. All recording data is automatically stored and organized and can be effortlessly retrieved.


Agent Dashboard

An agent dashboard is available to display key real-time statistics, such as the number of queued calls, average wait times and team orientated status information.


Supervisor Control And Administration Features

Delivers one of the most insightful and customizable business intelligence reporting solutions available to contact centers today.


Agent Scripting

Leading-edge graphical scripting tool that requires no programming skills makes it easy for supervisors to define the data, words and pictures that will guide agents during customer interactions, across all media types.


Geomant offers a fixed price cost based around an agreed scope which can range depending on the complexity of the project. Typically, there are three components which contribute to an overall solution cost, these are:




Professional Services


Software Assurance & Maintenance


From the Cloud


As a Hybrid




At Geomant we work with clients to understand the relative benefits of each deployment method and will assist in finding the most suitable arrangement to meet your commercial and operational requirements.

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