Professional Services

Transforming Communication Challenges into Business Advantages


Introducing new technology is never without challenges; Geomant’s Professional Services team simplify the process from end to end, removing complexity to make it easier for organizations to reap the benefits of the very latest contact centre and unified communications technologies.

Working closely with businesses of all types and sizes to assess their needs, our highly skilled industry specialists guide organizations through the challenges associated with choosing and managing disparate technologies that constantly evolve, and help them through the issues of integrating multi-system environments. Certified by leading technology providers, including Microsoft and Avaya, and with years of experience behind them, our team is expert in developing custom (CTI) software solutions that are carefully tailored to individual requirements and budgets, and in optimizing, innovating, and upgrading systems already in place to maximize their efficiency.

From strategy and design to implementation and management, Geomant Professional Services will make sure that your organization has the right systems and support in place to meet all your requirements today, and is fully equipped to meet those of tomorrow.



Working with you to understand your communications vision, your budgets and timelines, Geomant’s technical consultants will guide you through all the available choices, and provide expert advice on the options that best address your specific business needs: now and in the future.

Whatever systems you already have in place, our Solution Architects will evaluate your current communications environment, so that a realistic and achievable solution can be designed to perfectly align with your existing applications and processes.

No matter how complex or diverse your business needs and drivers may be, our Solution Architects have expertise to transform them into tangible technical requirements and innovative, high quality solutions so you can extend the reach of your communications and collaboration applications and services.

Communicating the Vision
Bringing your solution to life

Possessing a special combination of in-depth industry knowledge, expert technical skill, and the ability to look at things just a little bit differently, Geomant is uniquely placed to create the software that brings your new communications solution to life.

Our custom software developers at Geomant Labs have a proven track record of creating scalable, user-friendly technologies from scratch, whilst also being skilled at adapting and integrating pre-existing software packages to deliver the critical communications systems you need to move your organization forward.


Every installation and integration is completed to the very highest standards by our expert professionals, with the maximum of efficiency and the minimum of disruption to your operations. Whether your system is a single or multi-site installation, our dedicated team will ensure that your chosen communications solution interacts flawlessly with every other part of your existing infrastructure

Ensuring fast deployment, reduced downtime, & Accelerated ROI
Single-point accountability

We appreciate the importance of single-point accountability for the successful rollout of your project. Geomant’s project management services give you access to seasoned project managers who follow the very best practice methodologies to coordinate and monitor all aspects of your solution deployment, providing a smooth, efficient service that will save you time and money.


We pride ourselves on our extensive performance and interoperability testing regime to ensure that every new or upgraded solution is reliable, stable and performs exactly as it should.

From testing each specific component of your system design, to a comprehensive evaluation of how the system works as a whole, as well as verifying that it works well with other technologies, you can rest assured that all potential problems will have been detected and resolved long before your system goes live.

Safeguarding reliability, stability & performance
Extensive support & maintenance services

It goes without saying that the smooth running and optimization of your communications system is vital to your business success, so all our solutions are backed by our extensive support and maintenance services which are tailored specifically for you.

Designed to ensure that products, applications and entire solutions are maintained in optimum condition, Maintenance Services include the most recent service release updates for best performance, as well as system wide health checks.

But in the event that a problem does arise, Geomant Support Services are on-hand to ensure that they are resolved rapidly and with minimum impact to your business. With 24x7 helpdesk support services, remote support services, online help and onsite support services, you can be sure that we will keep your communications functioning fluently while minimizing the impact on productivity across your organization.


We are dedicated to making sure you get the best possible results from your new communications solution. With Geomant Training Services, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive training programme with flexible training options to equip your workforce with all the skills and knowledge they need to make the most of your system, so that you are assured of maximizing your technology investment.

With practical product training for all our solutions, together with invaluable best-practices information, and with a choice of onsite or on-line learning options, Geomant delivers high-quality, bespoke training to optimize the performance of your system and to drive greater proficiencies across your organization.

Optimize your investment & maximize your return with Geomant Training

Skilled Industry Specialists, certified by leading technology providers, including Microsoft, Avaya & Nuance

Optimizing, Innovating, & Upgrading Systems Already in Place to Maximize Efficiency

Tailoring to Individual Requirements & Budgets

R&D Excellence. Rigorous testing processes & development of market relevant products by our expert in-house team

Solution Architecture

Innovative Software Development

Project Management Services

Systems Installation & Integration

Rigerous Performance & Interoperability Testing