The ultimate in automated speech recognition for IVR & mobile self-service


Imagine an automated solution that can transform your traditional automated IVR into a powerful, personalized self-service system by its ability to capture and interpret natural conversational speech and engage in incredibly natural, human-like conversations.

By turning one-way customer transactions into to two-way natural conversations, Nuance Recognizer revolutionizes the way that your customers can interact with your business and your technology.  For your customers - getting things done has never been easier, faster or more satisfying, and for you - communication has never been more efficient or more cost effective. With Recognizer you take control of your communications, so that your business can achieve real differentiation through unparalleled customer care.

ALL ABOUT Nuance Recognizer

Turn One-Way Dialogues into Two-Way Conversations

Recognizer challenges all previous conceptions of what speech recognition can be like. With its impressive ability to understand and interpret spoken and touchtone input and to deliver the industry’s highest voice recognition accuracy, Recognizer dramatically increases the efficiency of your self-service solution and creates seamless, more effective, and more satisfying customer experiences.

With Recognizer, your automated IVR will be transformed into the most intelligent, self-service system by turning one-way dialogues into two-way conversations – making it faster and easier for customers to get things done.

Recognizer challenges conceptions of what speech recognition can be like
Faster, more direct paths to resolution for your callers

With Recognizer placed at the core of your IVR, you can design and build robust self-service applications which will save you time and money by automating repetitive tasks, and will deliver unsurpassed and intelligent customer care. Because customers can use their own words to describe why they are calling you, they no longer have to navigate frustrating, time-consuming touchtone menus, which results in faster and more direct paths to resolution.


Unaffected by noisy environments, bad call quality or even regional accents, Recognizer understands and interprets spoken words, phrases, full sentences and even open-ended responses, so that callers can interact with your self-service solution using natural, conversational speech. And with built-in tuning, Recognizer continuously learns from mistakes and makes automatic adjustments so that you’re always assured that maximum accuracy is maintained at all times.

Technology that learns
More languages & dialects than any other engine
Advanced Technology for a Multilingual Self-Service System

Recognizer features 85 languages and dialects from around the world, and can distinguish several language grammars in parallel for caller populations that speak multiple languages, so that you can implement a multilingual self-service system from Argentina to New Zealand.


With cloud-ready capabilities, sensitive data management and a powerful set of included reporting and analytics tools, Recognizer offers you unprecedented flexibility to create and operate your speech resources, and to analyze and enhance your system’s performance, so that you always get the most out of your speech-enabled self-service solution. Together, these capabilities add up to unparalleled levels of accuracy, reliability, and an ease of use that will transform the way you communicate with - and care for - your customers.

Unparalleled levels of accuracy, reliability, and ease of use

The Ultimate Automated Speech Recognition for IVR & Mobile Self-Service

Interprets Natural Conversational Speech & Engages in Natural Human-Like Conversations

Delivers Unsurpassed, Intelligent Customer Care

Automatic Adjustment to Maximize Accuracy

Advanced Technology for Multilingual Self-Service

Powerful Reporting & Analytics Tools

Unparalleled Accuracy, Reliability and Ease of Use