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The complete IVR solution for Microsoft Skype for Business


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is often regarded as an expensive technology that’s hard to design, complex to integrate, and costly to maintain; but when Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync) is used as your PBX replacement and voice solution – suddenly everything changes.

Available as an on-premise solution, or as a cloud service - OnCall IVR integrates flawlessly with Microsoft Skype for Business to deliver a complete IVR system for businesses of any size, and is as cost-effective, reliable and simple to manage as it is intuitive to use, scalable, and rapid to deploy.

Leveraging maximum value from your existing Microsoft investment, OnCall IVR can front calls, identify callers, route calls, and offer full or partial self-service functionality, to provide your organization with the ability to boost operational efficiency, significantly reduce operational costs, and deliver extraordinary customer service.



Today’s customer expects to be able to find answers to their questions themselves. OnCall IVR offers transactional and self-service applications to enable your customers to access information or simple transactions quickly, without the need to queue or speak with an agent.

With the automation of routine, repetitive tasks, such as bill payments, shipment status or opening hours, callers are saved valuable time, customer effort is markedly reduced, and services can be accessed 24 x 7 - not just during office hours. In addition, agents are released from repetitious mundane requests, leaving them free to focus on more complex, but rewarding problem solving enquiries.

OnCall IVR self-service applications provide organizations with the ability to exceed customer expectation, increasing satisfaction scores and improving customer retention. But just as importantly, customer self-service removes a significant number of calls from the contact centre so that you can achieve huge savings in operational costs.

* ContactBabel, The Inner Circle Guide to Self Service, http://www.contactbabel.com/

Research shows that IVR self-service costs 6 times less than a call*
Native integration for seamless interaction

OnCall IVR natively integrates with Microsoft Skype for Business to deliver seamless IVR capabilities, including intelligent routing, call volume management, call prioritization, customer self-service, and customized or pre-recorded greetings, messages and prompts. Working within Microsoft’s award-winning speech platform, OnCall IVR ensures that you and your customers can benefit from the very latest speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities.


Being a Skype for Business trusted application endpoint, OnCall IVR is unique in that it receives Presence aware information, such as Busy on a Call, or In a Meeting, to detect an agent’s availability before a call is transferred. By routing calls more efficiently to your available resources, the number of call transfers is reduced, and lost revenue from abandoned calls is eliminated.

Presence-aware information makes OnCall IVR unique
OnCall IVR for the ultimate in flexibility

OnCall IVR can be used for just about any service, including identification and verification (ID&V), credit and debit card payments, customer surveys, balance enquiries and order tracking – to name just a few.

But these static applications can be made dynamic by incorporating real-time information about the customer, the service or the contact centre into the self-service customer interaction. Supposing a customer calls the contact centre when it’s closed to enquire about a delayed delivery? OnCall IVR could inform them of the current delivery status as part of the welcome message, offer them a call back when the call centre opens or offer automated updates when the delivery status changes; but, if the contact centre is open, OnCall could offer to transfer the customer to a live operator as a priority call.

Whatever service OnCall is put to, we’ve designed it for ultimate simplicity and maximum effectiveness so that you can cut operational costs, eliminate waiting queues and provide 24-hour service every day of the year.


Being a critical indicator of efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction, it’s no secret that an increase in First Contact Resolution (FCR) brings substantial benefits. With OnCall IVR you’re assured of boosting your FCR rate since every customer query will be handled faster – and always by the agent most qualified to help.

By utilizing the options selected by your customers, and combining this information with data from your external systems - such as your CRM solution, and/or the point in the IVR process at which callers elects to speak with a live operator – OnCall IVR can direct calls more intelligently to the most appropriate department or agent. In so doing, those irritating transfers from agent to agent become a thing of the past, customer satisfaction rates are driven up, and repeat contacts plummet.

Powerful IVR capabilities to boost First Call Resolution rates
The perfect gateway to your business

Company greetings, messages and prompts are easy to configure and easy to change. You can choose whether to record your own messages to provide your customers with a more personalised experience, or you can simply upload pre-recorded messages. Whatever option you prefer, you can be sure that OnCall IVR will be the perfect gateway to your business and will always leave your customers with the perfect impression.


While all your callers are valued, there are times when certain customers should take priority over others. Whether your driving criteria is strategic importance or past experience, OnCall IVR can prioritize incoming calls based on a caller’s value, and route them to the next available agent who is most qualified to meet their needs. Directing your high-value customers to the department or service they need rapidly, will significantly increase your FCR and customer satisfaction rates, meaning that those customers who are most valuable to your bottom line will stay with you for longer.

Prioritize calls based on a customer’s value to you
Gain valuable insight into customer behaviour

Tracing the customer journey is now a business imperative, so that organizations can better anticipate their customers’ needs and reap the significant benefits that come from doing so. OnCall IVR helps you to continually improve the service you provide by tracking the number of calls your organization receives, and the primary resources that callers use. OnCall can also report on the popularity of each action (or node) within the IVR, so it’s easy to streamline your processes. In addition, OnCall makes it simple to spot and rectify those exit points that constantly cause customers to leave the system.

When fronting a contact centre, OnCall can pass key information to a screen-pop application so your agents always have the data they need to deliver great customer care; and when OnCall operates alongside Contact Expert, Geomant’s multi-channel contact centre solution, this information can be displayed to the agent, along with caller identification and verification (ID&V) and any interaction history. When agents have a complete view of the customer, including ID&V, seconds can be shaved off call handling times, while customers are saved the frustration of repeating information they have already provided.


From the most basic call flows (or scripts) to the most complicated, OnCall’s IVR Designer has all the tools you need to automate your customer service processes – quickly and easily. But unlike the basic IVR functionality available within Skype for Business, there’s no limit to the number of nodes or levels deployed within an IVR script.

With an intuitive, web based, drag and drop application, you can simply drag boxes (or nodes), that represent actions, into a virtual workspace, and join them together to specify the direction calls should take. Text to speech or pre-recorded messages can be added, and the call sequence can be previewed before it is deployed live. OnCall IVR also enables the creation of customer template nodes (in JAVA), so that they can be incorporated easily within any call flow - even by those without development skills.

And if you don’t want to build call-flows and self-service applications from scratch? No problem: simply choose one of the pre-designed templates in our Connect App Store and customize it to suit your specific requirements.

Create call flows simply, quickly…. intuitively
OnCall IVR & CE work as one

For ultimate flexibility, OnCall IVR can work independently or alongside other contact centre solutions, but because it integrates natively with Contact Expert (CE), the multi-channel contact centre for Skype for Business, the solutions work together to provide seamless interaction.

OnCall IVR combines information provided by the customer with information from CE’s customer database. Working as one, OnCall IVR and CE enables you to offer more accurate, personalized self-service: callers can be presented with tailored IVR options, estimated wait times, opening times, customer verification (ID&V), and their calls can be prioritized based on previous contact history. The ability to pass information between OnCall IVR and CE also means that agents can pass calls back to the IVR part way through a call (for taking credit card payments, for example) or for completion (such as post call surveys).


Working together, ONCall IVR and CE provide your organization with the ability to deliver customer service on a proactive, rather than a reactive basis. The CE dialler integrates with OnCall IVR to enable outbound IVR calls – perfect for appointment reminders, past due bills and other time critical events and activities. This not only reduces inbound call volumes, but significantly boosts customer satisfaction, and ultimately loyalty.

Deliver proactive - not reactive - customer care

Native Integration with, and Powerful IVR Capabilities for Microsoft Skype for Business

Unique Presence Aware Information for Intelligent Routing

Native Integration with Contact Expert

Cuts Customer Effort

Effective Technology to Boost First Contact Resolution

Can Prioritize Calls Based on Customer Value

Generates Huge Savings in Operational Costs

Delivers Invaluable Insight into Customer Behaviour