Contact Centre Recording

Verint Verba contact centre recording solutions, delivered by Geomant

Outstanding Contact Centre Recording Tools for Maximum Operational Efficiency


Record, monitor & analyse agent interactions with customers.


Apply additional modules to support scorecarding & agent development.

Ensures PCI-DSS compliance to protect cardholder data.

Contact Centre Recording - Full features

Agent Evaluation

Your customers can monitor and improve their agents' performance by creating customised evaluation forms. They can use multiple question types to ensure alignment with quality standards.



The scorecarding feature can be used to score agent/customer interactions to identify areas that require development.

Silent Monitoring

Your customers can silently monitor their agents' interactions to ensure a consistently high level of service.


Whisper Coaching

Whisper coach provides feedback and guidance to agents without disrupting the customer call.


Pause & Resume

Enforces internal and industry regulations, such as PCI-DSS.

Partner Program Benefits


Tiered discount structure with attractive margins.


Sales and pre-sales assistance.


Joint marketing funding.

Marketing support including leads from inbound marketing activity.

Technical, pre-sales and sales training.


Lab and demonstration systems.


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