Interaction Recording

The most advanced recording solution for unified communications


The first certified enterprise-grade recording solution for Skype for Business, Verba Technologies offers the most advanced recording and quality management solution for Unified Communications (UC).

Delivering so much more than a traditional recording solution, the Verba solution is the only system to provide collaboration compliance, quality management and speech analytics, with recording capabilities for integrated Instant Messaging (IM), voice, video, telepresence calls and desktop screen capture. Communications of every type, including Skype for Business calls, can be recorded - internally or externally – using just one unified platform that’s easy to use, quick to search, and accessible from just about anywhere.

Whether you're a small business or a multi-site organization, the Verba recording system is packed with flexible, innovative tools to define and manage your current and future recording needs. Regardless of channel or device, the solution provides everything your supervisors need to capture, evaluate, analyze and meet compliance and quality performance objectives. And since the solution is cross-platform compatible with leading UC and telephony vendors - including Microsoft, Avaya, Cisco, BroadSoft and others - it will add significant value and functionality to your existing UC deployment

Scalable, reliable and absolutely secure, the Verba unified recording solution will ensure that you can better manage risk and liability, can confidently meet strict compliance demands, and can drive significant improvements in quality assurance.



A Truly Unified Recording System

Record any media channel – including Microsoft Skype for Business calls - on just one integrated platform, managed from a single web interface that’s simple to use and accessible from anywhere, at any time. Capturing voice, video, Instant Messaging and telepresence calls, the Verba system delivers a truly unified recording experience. The solution’s cross-platform compatibility with other vendors, including Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, BroadSoft, and others, also means that the system will integrate seamlessly into your current communications environment to deliver additional functionality and significant value to your existing UC investment

Record any media channel – even Skype for Business calls
The first enterprise-grade Skype for Business recording solution
Unique Skype for Business Recording and Compliance

The Verba Recording System is the first true enterprise-grade Skype for Business call recording solution on the market. Built on their award-winning Interaction Recording system, Verba provides enterprise-wide recording of voice, video and instant messaging for any nominated user in your organization, delivering a complete recording and quality management suite for your Skype for Business platform.

Flexible Recording Modes and Methods

With its support of passive recording, the Verba solution can monitor calls unobtrusively, so that there’s no interference with call performance, and absolutely no impact on the caller experience. The Verba system also provides a range of recording methods and architectures to ensure that all organisations can benefit from UC recording regardless of complexity or topology.

Recording modes can be always-on, selective, or on-demand, making it easy for organizations to define and manage all their business recording needs. In addition, users have the flexibility to trigger on-demand recordings and to buffer the complete call, so that they can save or record entire calls - even if they hit record at any time during or after the call.

Define & manage all your recording needs
Locate & replay recordings effortlessly
Superior Playback Experience

It’s easier than ever before to locate and replay recordings or specific events in a recording – all from one, highly intuitive agent interface.

Regardless of whether it’s voice, chat, a computer screen, or a telepresence call that’s captured, quick and easy tools allow users to search and list recordings using advanced call query and any meta-data information; and since the same sophisticated playback controls are used for each different type of recording, the process of retrieval is made outstandingly quick and simple. Better still, all playback functions are accessible from the browser window, so there’s no need to install any client applications. With intelligent markers to effortlessly highlight sections of recorded conversations, and the ability to share this information easily with other users in the system, organizations can significantly increase productivity by reducing the time spent finding important and relevant parts of recorded interactions.

Publishing and Sharing

Recordings are a valuable resource for quality monitoring, compliance and dispute resolution, but they can also be an incredible tool for targeted training, employee development and best practices. With the Verba solution, it’s simple to share important recordings with other users or entire groups to drive the changes that you want for your business and your customers. By means of an easy-to-use web based agent interface, even non-expert users will be able to access published content effortlessly.

An incredible tool for targeted training and employee development
A unified view of multiple recordings across every channel
Multichannel Graphical Timeline Viewer

The Verba Timeline Viewer is a powerful tool that provides a convenient visual representation of multiple recordings that have been captured across varied communication channels. The Timeline Viewer provides a valuable unified view of historical and current conversations, regardless of channel, and is particularly beneficial for complex interactions where a session may start on one channel, for example, but escalate on another.

With easy-to-use features and enhanced controls, the Timeline Viewer ensures that you will always locate the event you’re looking for.

Enhanced Security and Access Control

Engineered for maximum security, the Verba solution incorporates multi-level access and control, so that companies can define who gains access to what- and what actions they may take. Change log histories and full audit trails also assist in detecting security violations, performance problems, and any application flaws.

With the implementation of RSA digital signatures, the system is fully tamper resistant, and end-to-end encryption and RSA/AES based media encryption ensure that your sensitive data and high-value information is always powerfully protected.

Multi-level access and control
Easy compliance with legal & ethical rules
Ethical Wall

The Ethical Wall is a dynamic feature that recognizes when recording is necessary and when specific parts of a conversation should be censored. Interactions can be recorded up to the point when customers need to provide sensitive data - such as credit card numbers. The system will stop recording while this information is given, and will restart only at its conclusion. In addition, the Ethical Wall can also redact sensitive data from any text-based conversation.

In every recording situation, the Ethical Wall will ensure that your organization complies with legal and ethical rules effortlessly.


Built on a robust single recording platform, the Verba system offers centralized or multi-site recording. Easy to manage, and with secured data access and separation, recording resources can be shared securely among multiple tenants to maximize cost effectiveness.

Centralized or multi-site recording
Verba solution for service providers
Service Provider Edition

With Verba’s powerful Service Provider Edition solution, service providers can increase their revenue and grow their customer base by offering high-end IP call recording services at an exceptionally competitive price, with flexible billing options, and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

Built on Verba’s robust call recording platform, the Service Provider Edition (SPE) offers multiple, feature-rich call recording Virtual Environments (VE) on a single platform - that are reliable and easy to manage, with independent configuration and settings. With secured data access and separation, Verba’s Service Provider Edition makes certain that a tenant’s data always stays within their own virtual environment.

The Verba Service Provider Edition is perfect for VoIP service providers and for shared contact centres in organizations of any size and in any industry.


Advanced Recording & Quality Management Solution for Unified Communications

Records Any Media Channel - Even Skype for Business

Integrated Performance & Quality Management Solution

Flexible Recording Modes & Methods

Superior Playback Experience

Multichannel Graphical Timeline Viewer

Centralized or multi-site recording

Scalable, Reliable, Absolutely Secure