Buzzeasy Intelligent Callback

Customer Callback from any Digital Channel.

Transforming the customer journey

Intelligent customer callback from any digital channel


Works seamlessly with any contact centre

Secure, quick to deploy, and easy to use

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Buzzeasy In Queue Callback v1.2

Connect Digital Channels To The Contact Centre


Transitions With Full Customer Context


Fully Flexible

Real-Time Digital Updates


Intelligent Routing


Appointments To Suit You & Your Customers


Do Away With Freephone Call Charges


Works In Tandem With Buzzeasy Chat


Easily Apply Machine Learning & Data Science

Change the way you interact with your customers.


Connect digital channels to the contact centre

In an increasingly impersonal world, phone calls are still the most effective and most personal method of communication. Digital channels and self-service are not always enough to meet the demands of your customers. Sometimes people just want to talk. So make it easy for them. Let your customers request a personal callback from any digital channel.


Appointments to suit you and your customers

Callbacks are scheduled at times to suit your customers – and times to suit you. Buzzeasy’s in-built interactive voice response (IVR) and appointment scheduler offers available times to the customer that can be spread throughout the day, or during quieter periods - so that demand is matched with capacity. Buzzeasy Callback can confirm callbacks by SMS text, send reminders before a call is due, and automatically place the call to the contact centre and customer at the prearranged time channel.


Fast track the conversation

For a faster, more personalised service, CallMe plays key customer information to the agent before initiating a customer call. And as CallMe passes the customer’s number (CLI) with each call, your existing screen-pop application can identify the customer and present their details seamlessly on screen.


The intelligent customer engagement platform

Using the latest cloud and bot technology, Buzzeasy revolutionises the way that customers engage with your organisation. Automating customer engagement in the fastest and most cost-efficient way, Buzzeasy enables customers to move effortlessly from any digital channel to live voice simply at the touch of a button – and without ever having to wait in a queue.

Why Choose A Cloud-Based Solution?


Decreased Deployment Cost

The cloud-based infrastructure provides users with full functionality without the need for costly investment of a hardware environment or software licences.

Flexible payment options

Subscription-based pricing gives you the ability to scale licences up or down according to actual business usage, so you never have to buy more licences than you need.

Rapid Deployment

Can be deployed in as little as a few hours, meaning that you can quickly reap the benefits of adding a chat solution to your environment.