Our third-generation workflow tool for creating simple to complex business process workflows

Improve Operational Efficiency


Rapidly create simple to complex business process workflows.


Easily display information in a structured and systematic manner.


Works with any data source and on any device with Geo-Flow technology.

Geo-Flow - Features


Leading-Edge Workflow Tool

A graphical tool for creating simple to complex business process workflows that's easy to use, with no programming skills necessary.


Present, Collect & Save Data

Present, collect and save data to and from any data source.


Easy Modification

With the easy modification of business process logic, Geo-Flow makes the perfect companion for businesses with complex and fast-changing process structures.


Intuitive Display

Geo-Flow's intuitive display presents information in a structured manner using text boxes, checkboxes, images, dropdowns, radio buttons and more.


Advanced Connectivity for Knowledge Sharing

Within the workflow, the text element can be used for adding hyperlinks to an internal Knowledge Base, external web pages, documents or any other relevant information sources.


Preview Your Workflow

Workflow creators can easily walk through, step-by-step, the creative process, ensuring information and elements are displayed as required before deployment.


Versioning & Activation

Create multiple versions of your workflow and activate the desired one.


Build Custom Logic Using the Query Builder Tool

Query Builder allows the creation of complex arguments with the help of script-wide variables and logical drivers. It supports multiple data types and the evaluation of complex, grouped operations.


Multi-Source Functionality

Any data source, located in the cloud or on-premises, can be connected with the business process workflow.


Adaptive Card Technology

Adaptive card technology ensures that the workflows created look and feel the same on any device.


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