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Buzzeasy WhatsApp Customer Interaction

Geomant’s Buzzeasy customer interaction platform enables WhatsApp as a chat channel for any organization

Transforming the Customer Journey


Buzzeasy is Geomant’s unique omnichannel customer engagement platform.


It enables organizations to communicate with customers in new and exciting ways.


A simple web-based interface allows a user to manage multiple interactions, from multiple channels.


Why Use WhatsApp?

  • 1 billion people use WhatsApp each day
  • Particularly popular amongst younger people
  • It’s secure -  messages are encrypted
  • WhatsApp supports pictures and photos in addition to text
  • WhatsApp is one of the ‘emerging’ channels- for enabling ‘Conversational Commerce’
  • Three million businesses are already using WhatsApp

How Does It Work?

  1. Businesses publish their WhatsApp number and offer this as a communication channel
  2. Buzzeasy manages incoming messages, and routes interactions to the best suited agent
  3. The Buzzeasy agent interface supports multiple concurrent chats, from multiple channels, including web chat, SMS and WhatsApp
  4. Outbound messages can be sent, subject to WhatsApp rules

See It in Action

Fully Featured


Easy Channel Management

A single solution delivering chat across multiple channels - web chat, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, and now WhatsApp.

A Single Web Interface

Web interface for agents that allows for multiple concurrent chat sessions.


Skills Based Routing

Skills based routing of interactions, depending on what the chat is about.


Easy Bot Add On

Optional Bots that can be used for everything from chat routing (‘what can we help you with today’) to full self-service.


Escalate To Call

‘Escalate to Call’ – allowing any chat to be escalated to a voice call, with the context of the interaction available.


Agent Assist

Optional ‘Agent Assist’ powered by AI supporting the agent with context-sensitive guidance on how to respond to the chat.


Real-Time Reporting

A suite of real-time and historic reports, plus access to the underlying data for custom reporting and analysis.


Integration Options

Published API for organizations wishing to develop their own web and app interfaces.

Why Buzzeasy?


Customer Expectations Are Shifting

Customers expect to be able to engage via their preferred channels, at a time of their choosing and expect the right information first time. Calling, waiting on hold and being passed around the organization is no longer acceptable.

Future-Proofed CX

Allow your customers to choose when, where and how they interact with you across voice, chat, social media and SMS. Utilize the latest Bots and self-service technology – but with the human touch.

Simple & Scalable

Buzzeasy is a range of integrated cloud-based solutions that can be used in isolation or combined to deliver the ultimate in CX. Each is designed to complement, rather than replace, your existing systems and process.

Visit the Geomant Academy

In the academy are a wealth of Buzzeasy Callback resources.