Transforming the customer journey


Anytime, anywhere multichannel engagement


Follows customers switching between channels


Works with your existing technology

About Buzzeasy

Buzzeasy is part of Geomant's range of highly secure on-demand cloud services. The beauty of Buzzeasy is in its flexibility, the range of individual solutions act as building blocks that, easily put together, form the ultimate in customer experience. At any time you can add additional solutions like callback or even AI, enabling you to scale up your infrastructure as and when you see fit with no technological complexities or constraints.


Buzzeasy Chat - features


Multichannel Interaction

Lets your business handle communications across multiple channels on just one platform, whether it’s via the web, phone, email, chat, or even social media and messaging channels.


Easily Apply Machine Learning & Data Science

Easily apply machine learning and data science to the Buzzeasy Chat solution to provide 24/7 cover, personalise the customer experience and optimise your customer service processes.


Seamless Hand-off to Live Assistance

The Buzzeasy Chat solution can work in tandem with Buzzeasy Callback to transfer customers seamlessly from any channel to live-assisted service when needed.


Integrates Natively With Microsoft Teams

Buzzeasy Chat integrates natively with Microsoft Teams so that customer conversations can be quickly transitioned to anyone in the organisation to help resolve queries faster and more efficiently.


Easy Administration

An intuitive, online administration portal makes Buzzeasy Chat easy to configure and manage. From a single location, you can set up role-based user access and manage the elements of customer information to be collected either automatically, or during the conversation.

Why Choose A Cloud-Based Solution?


Decreased Deployment Cost

The cloud-based infrastructure provides users with full functionality without the need for costly investment of a hardware environment or software licences.

Flexible payment options

Subscription-based pricing gives you the ability to scale licences up or down according to actual business usage, so you never have to buy more licences than you need.

Rapid Deployment

Can be deployed in as little as a few hours, meaning that you can quickly reap the benefits of adding a chat solution to your environment.

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