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OnCall IVR Product Features

The complete interactive voice response (IVR) solution for Microsoft Skype for Business.

OnCall IVR - Full features

Native Integration With Skype For Business

To deliver seamless IVR capabilities, including intelligent routing, call volume management, call prioritisation, customer self-service, and customised or pre-recorded greetings, messages and prompts.

Presence Information For More Intelligent Routing

OnCall IVR is unique in that it receives presence aware information, such as 'Busy on a Call', or 'In a Meeting', to detect an agent’s availability before a call is transferred.


Dynamic IVR

Static applications can be made dynamic by incorporating real-time information about the customer, the service or the contact center.

Connects with CRM For Intelligent Routing

By utilizing the options selected by your customers, and combining it with data from your external systems - such as your CRM solution, and/or the point in the IVR process at which callers elect to speak with a live operator – OnCall IVR can direct calls more intelligently to the most appropriate department or agent. Screen reader support enabled.

Personalized IVR Messages & Prompts

Company greetings, messages and prompts are easy to configure and easy to change.


Prioritize High-Value Customers

Prioritize incoming calls based on a caller’s value, and route them to the next available agent who is most qualified to meet their needs.


OnCall Reporting & Screen-Pop

Collects and passes key information to a screen pop application, so your agents always have the data they need to deliver great customer care.


Rapid Call Flow Creation & Maintenance

From the most basic call flows (or scripts) to the most complicated, OnCall’s IVR Designer has all the tools you need to automate your customer service processes quickly and easily with no limit to the number of nodes or levels deployed within an IVR script. Screen reader support enabled.


Powerful Native Integration With Contact Expert

Integrates natively with Contact Expert (CE), the multi-channel contact center for Skype for Business or Avaya Aura.


Outbound IVR

The CE dialler integrates with OnCall IVR to enable outbound IVR calls – perfect for appointment reminders, past due bills and other time-critical events and activities.


Geomant offers a fixed price cost based around an agreed scope which can range depending on the complexity of the project. Typically, there are three components which contribute to an overall solution cost, these are:




Professional Services


Software Assurance & Maintenance


From the Cloud


As a Hybrid




At Geomant we work with clients to understand the relative benefits of each deployment method and will assist in finding the most suitable arrangement to meet your commercial and operational requirements.

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