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Buzzeasy Campaign

Compelling Outbound SMS Campaigns with Interactive Callback

Connect with customers via SMS


A low-cost way to reach more customers more quickly – with more success.


A more cost-effective and productive alternative to outbound calling

Offers a personalised, permission-based, service.

Why Buzzeasy?

Customer expectations are shifting 

Customers expect to be able to engage via their preferred channels, at a time of their choosing and expect the right information first time. Calling, waiting on hold and being passed around the organisation is no longer acceptable.

Future-proofed CX

Allow your customers to choose when, where and how they interact with you across voice, chat, social media and SMS. Utilise the latest Bots and self-service technology – but with the human touch.

Simple and scalable

Buzzeasy is a range of integrated cloud-based solutions that can be used in isolation or combined to deliver the ultimate in CX. Each is designed to complement, rather than replace, your existing systems and process.
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Buzzeasy Campaign - features


Interactive SMS

Unlike other one-dimensional, one-way SMS solutions, Buzzeasy Campaign can run compelling SMS campaigns that include interactive callback requests.

Matches capacity with demand

Continually monitors wait times, matching demand with capacity to ensure that customers are only called back when agents with the right skills are free to assist.

Real-time updates

Customers are kept engaged with real-time digital updates on the progress of their callback.


Intelligent transition

Every call is transitioned to an agent with full customer context via agent whisper, dashboards and optional screen-pops.


Cloud-based and flexible

Quick to deploy, easy to use, Campaign works with any unified communication or call centre infrastructure.


Multi-national, multi-time zone support

Define different time zones for every campaign and report you run.


Online administration portal

Set up role-based user access, manage opening hours and daily time slots to schedule callbacks - all this, and more, from a single location.


Multiple integration options

Campaign lists can be populated real-time, via Buzzeasy’s API, or via batch upload using the Buzzeasy Portal.

Use Case Scenarios

Personalised outbound SMS messages can be sent without an automated call to action, for notification purposes, or, messages can be sent with an offer of a callback. Here are some common use cases for these types of campaigns:

Outbound SMS for Customer Retention

Used as part of a customer retention process (e.g. ‘Sorry you are thinking of leaving us. We do have a great deal that we can offer you – simply reply ‘call’ if you’d like to discuss’).


Outbound Appointment Confirmation with Callback

Used to remind people of a scheduled appointment and reduce ‘no-shows’ (e.g. ‘your next appointment is tomorrow at 2 pm – if you can’t make it, simply reply ‘call’ and we’ll call you to reschedule’).


Outbound SMS for Debt Collection

Used as part of a debt collection process (e.g. ‘Unfortunately we have not received this month’s payment – simply reply ‘call’ so we can discuss your options’).

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