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Buzzeasy Callback

A beautifully simple cloud-based Callback solution

Buzzeasy Callback - Full Features


Connect Digital Channels To The Contact Centre

Buzzeasy seamlessly transitions customers from online chat and digital self-service to a live agent by adding a call-me button to mobile and web channels. With just one click visitors can request a personal callback - for now or later - from within any landing page on your website, mobile apps or social pages.


Transitions With Full Customer Context

Every call can be delivered to the call centre with key customer information – including browsing history - so your agents always know who they are talking to and why.


Fully Flexible

The Buzzeasy Chat solution can work in tandem with Buzzeasy Callback to transfer customers seamlessly from any channel to live-assisted service when needed.

Real-Time Digital Updates

At busy periods, callers are updated with estimated wait times so they can decide if they want to remain in the queue, or opt to have their queue position held automatically and be called back as soon as an agent is available.


Intelligent Routing

Buzzeasy Callback continually monitors wait times, matching demand with capacity to ensure that customers are only called back when agents with the right skills are free to assist.


Appointments To Suit You & Your Customers

Buzzeasy’s in-built automated voice application and appointment scheduler offers available times to the customer that can be spread throughout the day, or during quieter periods - so that demand is matched with capacity.


Do Away With Freephone Call Charges

Why pay for your callers to wait on hold when you can call them back at a time that is cheaper and more convenient for you – and considerably more convenient for them? With Buzzeasy you can do away with Freephone call charges and replace them with cheap rate outbound calls, freeing up money which your business can utilise to offset other business overheads.


Works In Tandem With Buzzeasy Chat

Buzzeasy Callback works in tandem with Buzzeasy Chat - a live chat solution that can be used across multiple channels to increase interactions and reach more customers for the ultimate in CX experience. Screen reader support enabled.


Easily Apply Machine Learning & Data Science

Easily apply machine learning and data science to the Buzzeasy solution to provide 24/7 cover, personalise the customer experience and optimise your customer service processes.Screen reader support enabled.


Geomant offers a fixed price cost based around an agreed scope which can range depending on the complexity of the project. Typically, there are three components which contribute to an overall solution cost, these are:




Professional Services


Software Assurance & Maintenance


From the Cloud


As a Hybrid




At Geomant we work with clients to understand the relative benefits of each deployment method and will assist in finding the most suitable arrangement to meet your commercial and operational requirements.

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