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Buzzeasy In-Queue Callback

Enables any organisation to offer callback as an alternative to waiting in a contact centre queue.

Transforming the Customer Journey

Intelligent customer callback from any digital channel


Works seamlessly with any contact centre

Secure, quick to deploy, and easy to use

Why Buzzeasy?

Customer Expectations Are Shifting 

Customers expect to be able to engage via their preferred channels, at a time of their choosing and expect the right information first time. Calling, waiting on hold and being passed around the organisation is no longer acceptable.

Future-Proofed CX

Allow your customers to choose when, where and how they interact with you across voice, chat, social media and SMS. Utilise the latest Bots and self-service technology – but with the human touch.

Simple and Scalable

Buzzeasy is a range of integrated cloud-based solutions that can be used in isolation or combined to deliver the ultimate in CX. Each is designed to complement, rather than replace, your existing systems and process.

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Why Should You Consider an In-Queue Callback Solution?

Customers prefer it. Typically between 30% and 50% of callers will accept a callback offer.

Improves the customer experience.

Significantly reduces call abandonment rates.

Flattens call volumes – increasing agent utilisation.

Fully automated, not reliant on listening to voicemail or manual intervention.

Quick and simple to deploy.

See It in Action


Connect Digital Channels To The Contact Centre


Transitions With Full Customer Context


Fully Flexible

Real-Time Digital Updates


Intelligent Routing


Appointments To Suit You & Your Customers


Do Away With Freephone Call Charges


Works In Tandem With Buzzeasy Chat


Easily Apply Machine Learning & Data Science

Why Choose a Cloud-Based Solution?


Decreased Deployment Cost

The cloud-based infrastructure provides users with full functionality without the need for costly investment of a hardware environment or software licences.

Flexible Payment Options

Subscription-based pricing gives you the ability to scale licences up or down according to actual business usage, so you never have to buy more licences than you need.

Rapid Deployment

Can be deployed in as little as a few hours, meaning that you can quickly reap the benefits of adding a chat solution to your environment.

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