CallBack and Contact Manager

Smooths demand, reduces costs and makes customers happy


Balancing staff levels to cater for variable demand is a real headache for contact centre managers. Of course, the simple solution is to increase staff numbers in peak periods to cope with excess demand. But this comes at high cost and inevitably leads to surplus staff capacity at other times.

The smarter, more efficient and cost-effective way to smooth demand and make your customers happy is to offer them the convenience of a callback, which maintains the caller’s place in the queue so they don’t have to stay on the line.

Callbacks deliver great benefits for your customers and for your organization: fewer staff need be deployed at peak times, and because customers can avoid lengthy waits, abandoned calls are reduced and first call resolution is increased. Callers are left with a great impression of your company, and your company is put firmly at the head of the competition.


In this frenetic world, everyone’s time is precious – and people hate waiting. So when they’re given the choice of leaving a queue and receiving a callback at their own convenience, you’re offering them something truly special: Time. With a genuinely beneficial choice – not just the option of navigating interminable menus – customers will be on your side from the start, so that when their call is returned, your agents will be greeted, positively with ‘Wow! Thanks for calling me back’. Relaxed customers and relaxed agents lead to a greater quality of service and a marked increase in first call resolution.

Offer your customers something truly special: Time
Reduce customer effort: Decrease customer churn!

Callback requests can be made from any source including Avaya Communication Manager, web sites or CRM systems. When combined with Avaya Experience Portal, inbound queues are monitored and when the estimated wait times exceed configurable thresholds, callers can be played the estimated wait time and be provided with various options: to have their queue position held automatically and be called back when an agent becomes available (Virtual Queue), to be called back at a date and time of their choosing, to leave a message or return to the queue.


A callback scheduler application limits the number of callbacks that can be scheduled in 15 minute slots, so that contact centre supervisors can manage callbacks in relation to staffing and known periods of high call traffic. Virtual Queuing, web callbacks and Hold Queue callbacks are then offered to only customers where slots are available.

Provide maximum connect time & effortless coordination of operations
Callback technology that caters to individual contact centre needs

Scheduled Callbacks are made by a fully blended preview dialler using the ACD to distribute the callback based on current call volumes, priority and agent availability. When a callback is delivered to an agent, the customer record can be queried (screen-pop), using one of Geomant’s desktop clients, and the call can be completed or re-scheduled by the agent. Messages are also automatically distributed and played to agents, eliminating the need to dedicate resources to collect messages.


Smooths Out Call Peaks

Reduces Staff Numbers at Peak Times

Reduces Call Abandon Rates

Increases First Call Resolution

Dramatically Improves Customer Service