Unified Agent

The solution that unites Avaya Communication Manager with CRM desktops


Desktop Connect Unified Agent maximizes the power of your custom-built CRM or Microsoft Windows application and optimizes the efficiency of your processes by adding the telephony functions of the world’s most popular call centre solutions, Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) and Avaya Proactive Contact (APC).

By consolidating information into a single desktop, Desktop Connect shaves seconds off call handling times and provides staff with rapid access to all the tools and knowledge they need to perform at their best and most efficient. With just one inbound and outbound toolbar for all call tasks, and an intelligent screen-pop for presenting agents with up- to-the minute customer information, staff are better able to focus on providing the unparalleled customer care that will ensure that your business stands out from the crowd.

Crossing technology and network boundaries, Desktop Connect for Unified Agent provides a seamless, ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that eradicates the need for reliance on the expensive professional services that are typically associated with integration. By leveraging the full potential of Avaya telephony with the data and capabilities of your CRM system or Microsoft business applications, Desktop Connect Unified Agent delivers dramatic improvements in staff efficiency, creates significant reductions in cost, and transforms the customer journey.



Implementation costs have often placed Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) screen-pops out of the reach of small and mid-sized contact centres, but with Desktop Connect for Salesforce, an out-of-the-box screen-pop comes as standard. With every new call, a screen-pop instantly appears on the agent desktop, containing customer specific information that can be acquired from a phone number, IVR information, or information the agent has entered. With pertinent customer information immediately to hand, agents can not only shave seconds off call handling times – often as much as 15-20 seconds, but also have the resources necessary to resolve customer issues on the first attempt and provide the exceptional customer care that will set you far apart from your competitors.

Have your customer information immediately to hand
Switch between inbound & outbound calls without switching applications

Desktop Connect adds Avaya’s sophisticated contact centre capabilities, including Proactive Contact, directly into your CRM or Microsoft business applications. From within a single, streamlined agent desktop, agents can log in, control agent state and conduct calls effortlessly. And because the same unified toolbar is provided for both inbound and outbound operations, no additional training is required and it’s quick and easy for agents to switch between inbound and outbound calls without switching applications. With Desktop Connect Unified Agent, all the resources that are needed to make and receive calls faster and more efficiently are at your Agents’ fingertips, letting them focus more easily on the customer, and so deliver the exceptional one-to-one service that you and your customers demand.


Besides a single agent application for both inbound and outbound calls, Desktop Connect Unified Agent can be used in conjunction with APC Intelligent Call Blending (ICB) or Predictive Agent Blending (PAB) to enhance PAB dynamically controlling the Avaya CM acquire skill so that acquire calls are only received when the agent is logged into APC. This removes the need for skills to be maintained manually by the supervisor for each agent in each shift.

Removes the need for agent skills to be maintained manually
Save time & make forgotten passwords a thing of the past

Agents can manually login to both Avaya CM and APC using one application or the login process can be automated by integrating with Active Directory to save time and make forgotten passwords a thing of the past.


To ensure quality control and compliance, the best contact centres seek to record some portion of their calls. Desktop Connect can add a call recording link to the CRM activity/call log call so that the Avaya/Verint call recording can be conveniently accessed and played back directly from within the CRM system.

Access Avaya/Verint call recording from within your CRM system
Integrates easily with your CRM system & business applications, but keeps you firmly in control

In addition to the out-of-the-box screen-pop integration methods, the JSONP API lets third party applications receive telephony information and control any inbound or outbound functions. Desktop Connect Unified Agent User Interface can be used in parallel so that you decide which functions will be controlled by the third party application.


Desktop Connect can be deployed on-premise or as a cloud service,* but can also be used to Snap-on additional Cloud services so that Avaya contact centres can take full advantage of other state-of-the-art resources. In addition to the very real benefits that cloud services bring to your CRM or Microsoft Windows application - including increased collaboration and Anywhere Working - Desktop Connect Unified Agent can snap-on leading edge services such as Cloud IVR, Callback, SMS, Digital Marketing, Web Page Tracking, Knowledgebase, as well as many others – and unite them all within a single consolidated Agent desktop. *Requires an Avaya AES connection that meets the contact centre security policy and Avaya network specification. The service can only be provided following network connectivity verification

State-of-the-art cloud services for Avaya contact centres

Integrates Avaya Telephony with Customized CRM or Windows Applications

Out-of-the-Box Screen-Pop

Single, Unified Agent Desktop

Enhanced Predictive Agent Blend

Single Sign-On

Call Recording Integration


Delivers Cloud Snap-On Capabilities