Call Center Tools to Support you During Open Enrollment Season

Quick-to-deploy solutions to assist customer interaction

  • A range of cloud-based solutions that can be deployed within days
  • Helping you meet increased demand during the open enrolment season
  • We are waiving set-up costs where possible and not asking for long-term commitments

The Immediate Issue

In these unprecedented times we know you are dealing with a variety of issues in your contact centers that need an immediate solution. On top of this, open enrolment season is just around the corner. Is your center prepared? 


Increased Customer Demand

With more negative interactions

Open enrollment is one of the busiest and most stressful times of the year for healthcare insurance providers and consumers alike.


Reduced Organizational Capacity

Stemming from issues out of your control

Illness, self-isolation, home working, all means your organization could be faced with unprecedented challenges. 

Immediate Organizational Strategies

Call Avoidance

Switching customer interactions to self-service solutions. Pre-empt high demand and utilise automated tools to notify customers.

Enable Home Working

Efficient cloud-based technologies can enable your agents to work from any location and still enable center managers to monitor performance.

Prioritise Interactions

The use of interaction filtering to screen for high-priority calls and callback technology can be used to smooth demand

Increase Agent Productivity

Time-saving technologies and the application of multi-channel and AI-driven interactions can increase your effective capacity.

How Buzzeasy can help

Callback and Chat Info Flow with Callouts v3 (1)


Geomant's Quick-to-deploy Solutions

We have a range of solutions available for rapid deployment that are highly cost-effective and during the open enrollment season, we are offering these with no long-term contracts and we are waiving set-up fees wherever possible.

Solutions to Manage Demand


Where there is overall capacity, but queue times are high at peak hours.

Channel Hop

Move inbound voice to self-service and digital channels.

Self-Service & Interaction Filtering

Utilise FAQ bots and IVR technology to directly serve demand or filter for high-priority calls using questions.

Proactive Personalised Outbound Communications

Get on the front foot with SMS and outbound IVR, with the option to arrange a callback or use self-service options.

Solutions to Manage Reduced Capacity

Digital Channel CC for Home Workers

Make digital interactions easier for home workers. Deploy a digital-only contact center or integrate digital channels with Avaya voice. Add webchat, WhatsApp, Messenger and SMS.

Home Agent Contact Center

Add contact center functionality to your existing UC technology such as Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business. Alternatively, add in mobile routing.

Home Agent Wallboard

Wallboards don't have to be on walls, ensure your agents have the same business intelligence and data visualizations on their laptops or home computer.


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