Desktop Connect Unites Avaya Aura with Salesforce Omnichannel

AVAYA VOICE – that critical channel that customer service leaders depend on to drive key business results, can now be added to Salesforce Omni-Channel to provide exceptional customer experiences – thanks to an exciting new release of Geomant’s Desktop Connect.

Desktop Connect now unites Avaya Contact Centre Elite, Experience Portal and Call Recording with Salesforce’s Omni-Channel solution in both the Classic and new Lightning Experience interfaces. By blending these market-leading technologies, and enriching them further with callback and queue dashboard,  Desktop Connect creates an intelligent, state-of-the-art, omnichannel contact centre – at just a fraction of the cost of a whole new omnichannel communication system.

Less than 25% of the Price of an Entirely New Omnichannel System

For organizations already using Salesforce Omni-Channel and Avaya Aura, this new release of  Desktop Connect offers the most cost-effective way of creating an omnichannel contact centre, being less than 25% of the price of a new omnichannel solution. And it’s much simpler to set up.  Desktop Connect simply plugs into an organization’s existing Salesforce and Avaya Aura solutions and within a day their omnichannel contact centre can be up and running.

Boosts Productivity & Creates an Exceptional Customer Experience

Integrating Avaya voice to Salesforce Omni-Channel,  Desktop Connect lets users handle and track customer activity better and helps them work faster and more productively.  Desktop Connect keeps agent status synchronized with Salesforce Omni-Channel so everyone in the organization can see the presence status of their colleagues – even in the contact centre. Agents can multi-task, accepting work items via other channels during breaks in phone activity, and control whether they receive emails and chats when they are busy on a call.

What’s more,  Desktop Connect‘s newly designed and highly intuitive interface is conveniently embedded within Salesforce. This means that users can access its soft-phone controls and have a consolidated view of omnichannel activity history – including call recordings – without the need to toggle between screens or use a desk phone. In addition, configurable call log templates, newly introduced in this latest version of  Desktop Connect, make it quick and easy for agents to enter call activity notes.

Impressive Callback Functionality

But besides embedding Avaya Aura applications in Salesforce, this new release of  Desktop Connect joins forces with Buzzeasy to provide impressive customer and agent callback functionality. Users can now schedule callback requests at any time from the Desktop Connect window within Salesforce, referencing the lead, opportunity, contact, account or case.

A 360-Degree View of Customer Interactions Plus Tools at the Agent’s Fingertips

With omnichannel presence, click-to-dial, screen-pop, call recording, screen transfer, configurable call log templates, queue dashboard, quick callback scheduling, and more,  Desktop Connect now provides organizations with a 360-degree view of customer interactions – whatever channel they use. And agents are assured of having all the tools they need at their fingertips for more personal and effortless customer interactions.

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