Powerful New Functionality for Buzzeasy


Today saw the latest release of Buzzeasy’s innovative cloud-based customer contact solution.

Using the latest Microsoft Azure Cloud and Bot technology Buzzeasy revolutionizes the way customers can engage with organizations.  Buzzeasy transitions customers from any digital channel to live voice automatically so that no one need ever wait on hold again.

Multichannel Feedback with Intelligent Callback

Buzzeasy’s latest release includes a multichannel approach for gathering fast, actionable insight from customers via SMS and IVR – but with a unique difference: Buzzeasy can automatically initiate a rescue call when negative feedback is received, so that a dissatisfied customer can quickly be converted into a loyal fan.

The ability to initiate an SMS or automated voice survey at the end of any customer interaction – in addition to traditional batch survey campaigns – means that Buzzeasy can help organizations to reach more of their customers as close to the point of interaction as possible – and gain the highest response rates.

And if negative feedback is received, Buzzeasy can launch a rescue callback so that businesses can reach out swiftly to address customer concerns and convert that negative customer experience into a highly positive one.

Callback Slot Templates

Buzzeasy’s new functionality also includes Callback Slot Templates. These can be assigned to multiple queues to enable quick service queue set-up times and added flexibility in contact centre capacity management.

A Callback Slot Template defines time intervals and the number of callbacks that can be scheduled within each timeslot. Buzzeasy can automatically generate an initial list of callback slots which can be easily altered to add, remove or modify timeslots to suit an organization’s unique requirements.

Radically cutting back set-up time, Buzzeasy’s new Callback Slot Templates also make it simpler to manage callback volumes based on contact centre capacity, since any alteration made in a template is automatically applied to every queue that uses it.

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