Geomant Unveils New User Interface for Desktop Connect

Desktop Connect – the solution that unites Avaya Communication Manager with CRM desktop applications – has a new look.

Clear, concise and instinctively understood, the new interface is visually pleasing with a modern, uncluttered layout, and is designed for a faster, more intuitive, and engaging user experience.

More than Just a Pretty Face

But it’s more than just a pretty face. The underlying technology has been radically changed to allow Desktop Connect to adapt and grow with an organization’s needs. This means the new interface achieves the perfect balance between ease of use, simple navigation, flexibility and efficiency. And being highly responsive, the interface will always keep up with the demands of its users.

Intuitive Controls

The new design makes it easy for users to access and manage all the rich functionality that Desktop Connect provides. Intuitive controls enable tasks to be performed faster and with much less effort. Managing day-to-day calls with the Desktop Connect softphone is simple, and as users no longer have to toggle between phone lines – transfer and conference call handling is effortless.

Exceptional Versatility

But one of the interface’s chief benefits lies in its exceptional versatility which allows for more customized information displays. It’s now easy to integrate and display that information which is unique to an organization – such as its custom directories, or data from its 3rd party cloud providers. Custom objects or buttons can also be added to make it easy for users to input information, such as new accounts, contacts, or cases. Whatever an organization needs, the new interface has the versatility and capacity for changes to be integrated rapidly – with no conflict of interest.

* * *

”A great example of what can be achieved from really listening to customers”

David Lafone-Ward, CEO at Geomant said, “We have invested in the underlying technology that provides much greater product flexibility, and are sure that people will be delighted with Desktop Connect’s cleaner, more intuitive interface. It still provides access to the same rich functionality that our customers rely on, but interaction is much simpler and more satisfying. The interface and the changes that will underpin future developments are a great example of what can be achieved from really listening to customers and capturing their valuable feedback.”


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