New Update for Buzzeasy: The Customer Contact Solution from the Cloud


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Buzzeasy today announced a new update for its innovative cloud-based customer contact solution.

Delivering advanced in-queue callback, virtual hold technology, and uniting digital communication to the contact centre, Buzzeasy transitions customers from digital self-service to live agent with full customer context and without the customer ever having to wait on hold.

This latest update provides new features that not only give administrators maximum control over their Buzzeasy system, but enhance the customer experience by keeping them fully and proactively informed.

Manage Callback Pacing from the Buzzeasy Admin Portal

It’s now easy to configure callback pacing conveniently from within Buzzeasy’s intuitive online administration portal.  Administrators can determine the rate at which calls are made to prevent agents from becoming overwhelmed and to keep operations flowing smoothly and efficiently.

Automatic Email Alert Notifications for Failed Callbacks

There may be times when a callback is unable to reach a customer. It might be that that the customer has provided an incorrect phone number, or that their phone has no signal, or it could be that they’re just too busy to take the call at that moment. Whatever the reason, Buzzeasy makes the handling of automated notifications in situations like these simple.

Automatic email notifications can be set up easily to alert administrators whenever Buzzeasy has been unable to reach a customer within a specified number of retries, so that the swiftest and most appropriate follow-up action can be taken.

Automatic Customer SMS Notifications

Being able to schedule a callback effortlessly is just the first step. A customer also needs to be sure that they’ll be called at the time they requested. Buzzeasy keeps every customer reassured and fully engaged by sending them an automatic SMS notification to confirm the time and date of their scheduled callback request. The system even sends them a text to remind them of any upcoming callbacks they have pre-arranged.

And if a callback to a customer fails for any reason, Buzzeasy will send them an automatic SMS notification, offering them a rescheduled call if they simply reply ‘yes’ to that message.

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Buzzeasy: Fast-Evolving Technology to Meet the Fast-Evolving Expectations of Customers

David Ward, CEO of Geomant, commented, ‘Buzzeasy’s ability to continually evolve its contact solution to meet ever-changing needs of business provides customers with the critical flexibility they need, while at the same time delivering cost-effective, cutting-edge communication capabilities globally.’


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