Desktop Connect’s Newest Features Make Microsoft Dynamics & Salesforce Even More Powerful

4 Ways to Get More from Microsoft Dynamics & Salesforce


Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce just got even more powerful, thanks to the very latest features in Desktop Connect: the solution that unites Avaya Communication Manager with CRM desktop applications.

Agent Set Callback


Agents can now schedule and handle automated customer callbacks effortlessly from a single interface. They can specify the time and date for a recall and append relevant customer information to that callback. CRM information is also provided to agents when the callback is made via an instant screen-pop, ensuring they always have all they need to manage conversations in the most efficient way.

Call Transfers with Customer Context

Saving time for agents and customers, calls can be passed to other colleagues or subject matter experts (SME) along with relevant customer information and notes via an automatic screen-pop. They can also tag a call with an additional screen, removing the need for lengthy explanations about why a customer is calling. This enables SME’s to rapidly review customer case details and any appended notes. And better still, your customers will no longer have to constantly repeat their information.

Agent Queue Dashboarddc4sf-brochure-4

It is now possible to view real-time queue activity and agent availability simply by clicking on a tab in the Desktop Connect interface. Information is automatically updated every 10 seconds, so that agents can make informed decisions based on real-time information and react rapidly to fast-changing situations.

Subscription-Based Pricing

In addition to standard pricing, Desktop Connect licences are now available via subscription-based pricing. Supporting on-premises, hybrid and cloud, Geomant now offers: Pre-Paid: to subscribe to licences on a monthly or annual basis, and Post-Paid: to purchase licences monthly on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Removing upfront risk and capital outlay, subscription-based pricing gives organizations the agility to scale licences up or down according to actual business usage. And with the Desktop Connect Licence Portal, licences can be distributed and allocated across different business areas (tenants) as-and-when needed. Current and maximum license usage can also be viewed in real-time.

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