Enhanced Online Administration Portal & Screen-Pop Integration

Stay in Control with Buzzeasy’s Enhanced Admin Portal & Screen-Pop Integration



Buzzeasy’s newest features help organizations match callback service with up-to-the minute business needs – while always keeping customer information at the agent’s fingertips.


Enhanced Online Administration Portal

Buzzeasy’s intuitive online administration portal makes it even easier to configure and fully manage the Buzzeasy system. Whether it’s to set up roles-based user access, add and edit callback services, manage opening hours and daily time slots to schedule callbacks in quieter periods, or to change the whisper message played to agents – this can all be performed, and more – from just a single location. Changes can be made as-and-when they are needed to ensure callback service matches up-to-the-minute business needs.


When placing a callback to agents, Buzzeasy can now provide them with the customer’s callback number, using Calling Line Identification (CLI). This makes it possible for existing screen-pops to use the phone number to identify the customer and provide their details seamlessly to agents. With up-to-the-minute customer information to hand, agents can provide a faster, more personalized service.


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