Geomant Introduces their Solutions to the Russian Market

In May 2015, Geomant, in cooperation with Miaton and IT Smart Company, held a partnership conference for their Business Partners and End Customers in Moscow to present new communications trends, technologies and their innovative solutions for Microsoft Skype for Business platform.

Moscow_Geomant_This event represents the first time that Geomant products for Microsoft Skype for Business are being showcased to Russian customers, and is part of the marketing plan for the introduction of Geomant solutions to the Russian market. Alongside the presentation of key features and business benefits of Geomant solutions, a live demonstration of the products was provided to the event attendees.

The event was held in the Microsoft Technology Centre, in Moscow. There were about 30-40 participants from over 20 companies, representing government, retail, banking and other industry segments.

With the growing adoption of Microsoft Skype for Business as the enterprise voice platform by Russian companies, there is also an increasing need for feature-rich, multi-channel Contact Centre software that extend the basic functionality of Microsoft Skype for Business. Geomant products are a perfect fit.

During the event, we  demonstrated the key features of Geomant’s products for Microsoft Skype for Business, which include Contact Expert – the multichannel contact centre for Skype for Business, and Geomant IVR, and Call Recorder for Skype for Business.


For further information about Geomant’s Professional Services, please contact our sales representative or distribution partners in Russia.

IT Smart Company – Distributor of Geomant products and solution in Russia

IT Smart Company is an Association of professionals from the largest system integrators in Russia. The team works together on projects in the IT field for over 6 years, and has experience implementing large, technologically complex infrastructure projects in various industries. Understanding the main problems of the market of information technologies, IT Smart Company consciously refuses business to promote any manufacturers of equipment and software to ensure impartiality and to focus on the needs of the Customer.

Miaton– Microsoft partner and Microsoft Skype for Business systems integrator in Russia,

Geomant – Gustavo Perez, Senior Sales Executive, Geomant

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