The most advanced & most natural speech-enabled automated call routing system


SpeechAttendant® is the most advanced, most accurate and most natural speech-enabled automated call routing system available today, and presents a tremendous opportunity for you to drive efficiencies throughout your organization by speech-enabling your corporate telephone directory. If your customers and employees are frustrated with misrouted calls and fumbling through digit-based dialling schemes to enter extensions or spell out names, and if you’re tired of managing multiple telephone numbers and databases, then SpeechAttendant is the answer

SpeechAttendant® ensures that every call placed to and within an organization are handled more accurately, more efficiently, and considerably more cost effectively. Using Nuance’s cutting-edge speech recognition technologies, callers can simply say the name of the person, department or information they want to reach and SpeechAttendant® will automatically transfer them to the right place - first time.

Astonishingly accurate and using a life-like human voice, SpeechAttendant® delivers unparalleled flexibility and ease of use to optimize caller satisfaction. By placing the most progressive and natural speech-enabled automated call routing system at the very heart of all you do will streamline your business processes and vastly improve your voice communications, ultimately saving you time and  money, while transforming the service you provide to your customers.



SpeechAttendant® bridges the gap between the naturalness of speaking to a person, and the considerable cost savings and reliability of an auto attendant.

Using cutting-edge speech recognition technology, callers are offered the convenience of directing their own calls - simply by asking for the person or service they want to reach. Conversing with callers using the most life-like human voice, and using powerful call routing capabilities, SpeechAttendant® can locate the right contact – wherever they are - and transfer callers in seconds.

SpeechAttendant® significantly reduces the number of calls routed to employees, meaning that fewer resources need devoting to operator staff or your contact centre, and because the system provides data for the number of calls successfully fielded, the savings offered by the SpeechAttendant® are fully quantifiable.

Bridges the gap between the naturalness of speaking to a person & the cost savings & reliability of an auto attendant
Delivers THE perfect service 24 x 7

With its fast, efficient responses, SpeechAttendant® sets the tone for that all important first impression of your company and encourages your callers by making them feel welcome and attended to.

SpeechAttendant® answers every call immediately so that you never miss a customer call again and your callers never have to queue for their calls to be answered; and because company greetings can be customized, for example by call-in number, every caller can be welcomed with a friendly brand-appropriate welcome.

For just a fraction of the cost of human staffing, SpeechAttendant® can be on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, handling any number of calls at any one time - efficiently and professionally.


Supporting multiple pronunciations for each name in your directory, SpeechAttendant® can recognize the many different ways a name might be spoken. And should there be more than one employee in the organization with the same name? No problem. SpeechAttendant® simply uses additional information, such as a department name, to help your caller identify and select the person they want.

Supports multiple pronunciations for each name in your directory
Ensures the smoothest & best integration possible

SpeechAttendant® supports the widest range of telephony and IVR interfaces (including digital, SIP, analogue, etc.), ensuring smooth integration with your current telephone infrastructure.

SpeechAttendant® also integrates seamlessly into existing open standards infrastructure, enabling you to better leverage your IVR platform investment while providing a strong foundation for adding & customizing voice applications.


SpeechAttendant® provides powerful features to help your staff stay better connected. With the personal contacts feature, staff can synchronize their Microsoft Outlook contacts, together with any names and numbers in other leading contact systems, directly into their own speech enabled directory. Contacts can be accessed simply by calling into the SpeechAttendant® system and saying the name of the contact wanted.

Employees can also redirect their phone calls easily by using multiple pre-defined phone numbers, or by adding new phone numbers on the fly – just by using voice commands.

With the ability to store and dial multiple phone numbers for each staff member, SpeechAttendant® ensures that whether employees are in the office or out in the field, your callers need only ever dial one number to reach the person they need, while your employees can be more mobile but remain productive.

Powerful features to keep staff better connected & productive
Typically pays for itself in under 6 months

Thanks to innovative product design and a structured implementation approach, SpeechAttendant® can be up, running and working usually within a few days, so that you can quickly reap the rewards of using the most accurate speech-enabled auto attendant system on the market today.

With a proven ROI and quantifiable savings to your revenue expenditure, including decreases in telecommunication costs, call handling costs and administrative costs, you can expect SpeechAttendant® to pay for itself in under 6 months.


With its underlying robust speech and telephony technologies, SpeechAttendant® offers unmatched scalability supporting up to 400,000 directory listings and unlimited ports, so that your application can scale easily to meet all your evolving needs without any performance degradation.

Unmatched scalability to meet your future needs

Answers & Directs Calls Automatically: Simply with the Power of Speech

Cutting-Edge Speech Recognition Technology

Astonishingly Accurate with Unparalleled Ease of Use

Delivers the Perfect Service 24 x 7

Advanced Telephony & IVR Platform Integration

Supports Multiple Pronunciations for Each Name in Your Directory

Generates Huge Savings in Operational Costs

Rapid Deployment: Fast ROI