Quality Management

for Unified Communications

Outstanding performance & quality management tools for maximum operational efficiency


The excellence of your customer service sets your organization far ahead of the competition; but service quality is dependent upon the excellence of your staff, and the excellence of your processes, so Geomant and Verba have joined forces to deliver an outstanding performance and quality management solution for unified communications (UC) - as part of the award-winning Verba recording system.

Being the only system to provide performance and quality management for instant messaging (IM), voice, video, and screen, it provides everything your supervisors need to exceed quality performance objectives, whilst providing the means for creating and sustaining an empowered and fully engaged workforce.

With comprehensive features, including agent evaluation, scoring, silent monitoring, IM monitoring, screen capture, and enterprise-grade reporting - with customizable dashboards – and speech analytics, you can track and evaluate the effectiveness of every customer interaction, while identifying your highest and lowest performers. And armed with the fullest insight into service quality and performance, you’ll have all you need for optimizing operational efficiency, and for providing your employees with the feedback and development they need to maximize their performance.

With Verba Quality Management, your organization is assured of meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of your customers.


What Is Quality Management?

Quality Management extends the unified recording functionality of Interaction Recording to provide full business insight into your service quality and performance, enabling quality standards to be met, training needs identified and fulfilled, and agent performance measured and improved through continuous feedback - all of which drive up customer satisfaction and nurture customer loyalty.

Extending unified recording for superior quality, lower cost & increased customer satisfaction
A complete performance & quality management solution
Quality Management with Contact Expert

With a unique connector between Geomant’s UC contact centre solution, Contact Expert, quality management tools are seamlessly integrated with the Verba recording solution to offer a complete performance and quality management solution including agent evaluation, scoring, silent monitoring, screen capturing and reporting with customizable dashboards.

Silent Monitoring

The Verba system provides seamless silent monitoring as a standard function of the Verba Interaction Recording system, so that no additional devices, licences or technology are required. An essential feature for assessing agent performance, gauging customer satisfaction and for more effective coaching, supervisors can easily activate the silent monitoring function directly from the web-based user interface or from any phone, so that interactions between an agent and a customer can be monitored without either party being aware of the fact. The system also boasts advanced architectures which have been specifically designed to provide ultra-low latency for real-time monitoring.

Assess performance, gauge customer satisfaction & coach effectively
Capture agent desktop activity with synchronized audio & video
Screen Capture

For vital context and a complete agent view, Verba Interaction Recording records an agents' desktop screen during or after customer interactions, using a small screen capture application. The recording is automatically uploaded to the central server and merged with the audio recording to provide a synchronized media file that’s ready for easy playback and evaluation. To prevent the recording of sensitive information, such as credit cards or passwords, screen capture can simply be paused and resumed using flexible APIs that are specifically built to comply with PCI DSS and other standards.

Agent Evaluation & Scoring

With an easy-to-use drag and drop web interface, your managers can create effective evaluation forms for assessing the skills of your agents. With a choice of closed questions, multiple choice questions, text or numerical based questions, and with weighting and skill assignment features to provide an additional layer of assessment, evaluation forms can effortlessly be customized to suit your specific requirements. The completed assessments can be viewed by the agent through a web interface, or supervisors can share and discuss the scorecard with the agent through the easy-to-use in-built collaboration software.

Easy-to use, customizable evaluation forms
Simply select interactions at random or use sample rates
Flexible Assessment Selection

It’s simply not practicable to assess every interaction, so Verba Quality Management provides the ability for interactions to be selected at random or by using a sample rate for an agent or group of agents.


The Quality Management dashboard provides an at-a-glance summary of agent performance and other metrics to help to identify anomalies before they turn into significant business issues. The dashboard is fully customizable and provides alerts, trend charts, drill-down, filtering and search functions. And if you can’t find a built-in display widget to fulfil your requirements, you can create your own, simply and quickly, by using the open widget API.

Visually compelling, at-a-glance summary of agent performance
One unified platform: Easy to set up, quick to search, accessible from anywhere
Centralized Quality Management

Using one unified platform that’s easy to set up, quick to search, and accessible from just about anywhere, this is the only system to provide performance and quality management for integrated instant messaging (IM) voice, video, and desktop screen recording, and provides everything your supervisors need to meet quality performance objectives.

Enterprise-Grade Reporting

The web-based reporting module enables information to be filtered, analysed, summarized and displayed, using a library of pre-built and customizable templates, accessed via an Open API or exported in various different file formats. The reports and exports can be run manually at any time or scheduled to run at specific times during the day, enabling the information to be instantly available.

Filter, analyse, summarize & display information via pre-built & customizable templates
Centralized or multi-site recording

Built on a robust single recording platform, the Verba system offers centralized or multi-site recording. Easy to manage, and with secured data access and separation, recording resources can be shared securely among multiple tenants to maximize cost effectiveness.


Integrated Performance & Quality Management for IM, Voice, Video, & Desktop Screens

Agent Evaluation & Scoring

Silent Monitoring

Screen Capture

Enterprise-grade Reporting with Customizable Dashboards

Flexible Assessment Selection

Centralized or Multi-Site Recording

Scalable, Reliable, Absolutely Secure